Athing Mu, 19 ends half-century of U.S. drought by giving women 800m gold

Nineteen-year old phenomAthing MuTuesday night, 800m gold was won in Tokyo. This broke the U.S. record. It also ended the longest American title drought in Olympic women’s track events.

Athing Mu, 19 ends half-century of U.S. drought by giving women 800m gold

Mu won the majority of the race, closing in 1:55.21. This was a teammate record.Ajee WilsonThe 2017 U.S. Best of 2017.

Raevyn RogersThe 2019 world silver medalist was able to come from behind to win bronze in a personal best 1:56.81. Great Britain's competitors were not as fortunate.Keely HolgkinsonShe enjoyed a great year on the circuit and also broke the record for her country's 1:55.88.

53 years ago, the U.S. won its only gold medal at the event.Madeline ManningAt the 1968 Mexico City Games, a new Olympic record was set at 2:00.9.

Mu broke her maiden pro debut in the U.S. Olympic Trials on June.Meredith RaineyThe 800m meet record for a 25-year-old male was set in 1:56.07.

At 16 years old, she broke the American indoor 600m record. She continued her record-breaking streak in college, setting NCAA and American junior records for the 800m and 400m. In February 2021, she also set the indoor 800m world junior record.

Mu was still the fastest American in the 400m at the time of her Olympic title win. She decided to not run in Trials.

Trenton, New Jersey native and second-youngest sister of seven was born one year after her family immigrated to the United States.

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