Barcelona concerns about Lionel Messi's contract as delayed response to his contract entry

Talks about a new contract are in limbo as the Barcelona legend helps Argentina reach the quarter-finals at the Copa America. Messi's contract expires next Wednesday.

Barcelona concerns about Lionel Messi's contract as delayed response to his contract entry

As Barcelona's superstar captain Lionel Messi delays signing a new contract, concern grows.

Messi spent his entire professional life with the Catalan team, becoming one of the greatest footballers ever to play the game.

Barca and the Argentine have enjoyed a successful partnership, winning 10 La Liga titles together and four Champions Leagues.

However, senior Nou Camp figures are growing more afraid that the unimaginable could occur and Messi could leave with his contract in its final week.

While talks between the parties continue, Marca reports that there have not been any major breakthroughs in those discussions.

Messi is the star of Argentina's Copa America. He scored one goal and assisted with one assist, helping his country reach the quarter-finals.

Link" href="">Barcelona fear he may walk away for free in a matter of days, with his contract expiring on June 30.

Marca stated that he has yet to decide if he will sign up for another deal with Ronald Koeman.

According to Spanish news, there is a belief among Barcelona's hierarchy that Messi will eventually choose to renew.

However, there are several European teams that may be interested in signing him, including some who might be better placed than others to compete for trophies. There is also concern over why he hasn't yet signed.

According to some, Messi's indecisiveness is due to the fact, that although talks are ongoing, terms have not been finalised. The possibility that he signs before the due date is now considered "difficult".

This is because Barca's financial problems mean that they are unable to offer Messi a much higher price than in previous contracts.

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