Biathlon: Lou Jeanmonnot and Quentin Fillon Maillet world champions in the single mixed relay

France did it again

Biathlon: Lou Jeanmonnot and Quentin Fillon Maillet world champions in the single mixed relay

France did it again. Eight days after their victory in the first event of the Biathlon Worlds, the Blues were once again crowned in the relay. This time, it was the “single mixed” relay that smiled on the French. This non-Olympic event, contested only by two biathletes who alternate laps on the track, was entrusted to Quentin Fillon Maillet, known as “QFM”, and Lou Jeanmonnot, Thursday February 15, in Nove Mesto (Czech Republic). The two biathletes perfectly honored the hopes placed in them by their coaches by winning a gold medal.

The whole race was a real mano a mano between the Norwegian duo Johannes Boe-Ingrid Tandrevold, both at the top of the World Cup rankings – the circuit of events contested throughout the winter – and the two Blues . And as is often the case, the last shooting session was decisive for the final ranking.

In the standing shot, the Norwegian Tandrevold completely failed against Lou Jeanmonnot and was even forced to go to the penalty ring (although, in this event, biathletes have the right to use three "bonus" balls), called pickaxe, if they miss targets). Long behind, the Italian team took the opportunity to come back and even finish second, just ahead of Norway (3 seconds), 24 seconds behind the French.

Lou Jeanmonnot very precise behind her rifle

Thanks to the performance of Lou Jeanmonnot and Quentin Fillon, the French clan becomes leader in the World Cup medal rankings, with eight awards (four gold, one silver and three bronze). The Norwegians are second, more rewarded (10 medals) but less often crowned (three gold medals, four silver and three bronze). Italy is third, with three podiums.

Best Frenchman on skis in recent times, Quentin Fillon Maillet completed two very good relays. The double Olympic champion was never outpaced by the supersonic Johannes Boe. He also stood up to him on the shooting range. Neck and neck, the two men missed the target twice. Tandrevold and Jeanmonnot were launched a final time a few tenths of a second apart. And, in the final crucial moments of the races, it was the biathlete from Doubs who came out the best.

Very precise with the rifle as usual (19/20 shooting), Jeanmonnot took advantage of Tandrevold's rout during the last pass on the shooting range to fly, alone, towards the finish line. “She did a very big stint and finished the job really well, it’s huge,” smiled Fillon Maillet at the microphone of La Chaîne L’Equipe after the race.

On Saturday, with the men's relay and the women's relay, France will have two new opportunities to continue its harvest in the Bohemian-Moravian mountains.