Bobsledder Elana Meyers Taylor named closing ceremony flag bearer for Team USA

After a positive Covid-19, she will be allowed to fly the American flag.

Bobsledder Elana Meyers Taylor named closing ceremony flag bearer for Team USA

During the closing ceremony at 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, Elana Meyers Taylor will be serving as Team USA's flag bearer.

The news was exclusively broadcast by NBC's TODAY on Friday.

Although Taylor, 37, was initially selected to be a flag bearer for John Schuster's Parade of Nations opening ceremony, she wasn’t able to do so after testing positive.

Brittany Bowe , speedskater, won the honours along with Schuster.

Taylor, Bowe, and Schuster said that Brittany was an amazing person when they spoke to Taylor before the games started. "Brittany's an amazing human being."

Bowe gave her spot at one of the Olympic events that she qualified for, so Erin Jackson, whom she has been friends since childhood, could participate after Jackson fell and placed third in speedskating trials in Milwaukee.

"Erin earned the right to be on this 500-meter relay team. She is ranked No. Bowe stated that she is ranked No.1 in the world. She is the only one who deserves to win Team USA a medal. After that unfortunate slip, I knew that it was over and that she could take my place if it came down to a choice of my own.

Taylor, who had previously won medals at the 2010 and 2014 Olympics, was allowed to return to the games. He won a silver medal for the first monobob event.

Later, she told "TODAY", that she dedicated the performance to Nico, her son.

She said, "I'm going tell him that his mama fought as hard as she's ever fought to pursue her dream, and to do everything she could in order to bring this medal home to him."

After being positive for Covid-19 in his urine, Taylor pumped breast milk and was sent to Nico.

Taylor stated, "This Olympics was definitely the most difficult Olympics I've ever been to."

All the hard work was worth it when you win a silver medal.

Taylor stated, "Oh my godsh, it's still hard to believe it." It was an amazing feeling to know that we had all gone through, me, my family, and the team, and to finally come home with Covid in China.


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