Brawls, fan crashes: Cologne's European game delayed due to riots

The return to the European Cup for 1.

Brawls, fan crashes: Cologne's European game delayed due to riots

The return to the European Cup for 1. FC Köln begins with ugly scenes. Fans start a fight in the stadium in Nice, there are arguments in which a fan falls from the stands. The kick-off has been delayed by an hour.

The game in the Europa Conference League of 1. FC Köln at OGC Nice is on the brink due to serious riots. The kick-off has initially been postponed and is scheduled to take place at 7.40 p.m. "In the event of another incident, the game will be stopped immediately," FC tweeted. This was also announced over the loudspeakers in the stadium.

In the Stade Allianz Riviera there were fights between the fan camps about 40 minutes before the start of the group, firecrackers and even e-scooters were flying. An FC fan also fell from the stands onto a rank below. According to the AFP news agency, he is in extremely critical condition.

Around 50 masked Cologne residents had initially attacked the French block. Flares, e-scooters, chairs and tables flew during the ensuing argument. There are said to be several injuries. It took more than five minutes for the police to get the situation under control. Around five minutes later, Nice supporters attacked the Cologne block. This time the situation was under control more quickly.

The captains Jonas Hector from 1. FC Köln and Nice's captain Dante stepped in front of their fan blocks with microphones. "We wanted to celebrate a football festival with you. We still want to play, but of course we can't approve of that," said Hector: "We worked our ass off to qualify for the Conference League and we want this here also play. Please keep quiet, we want to celebrate football here and not have violence."

The club wrote that it condemned "any form of violence. We stand for fair sporting behavior and respectful behavior. We are very sorry for all the peaceful fans who have made today a Cologne football festival."

To be on the safe side, the press representatives were led from the stage into the arena, the "Express" reported.

For 1. FC Köln it is the return to the European Cup, thousands of supporters accompany their club to France. Hours before the duel, they had prepared themselves for their club's performance with songs from Cologne. Then they went towards the stadium and passed the team hotel. There they celebrated coach Steffen Baumgart with loud chants. On the roof of the hotel, Baumgart took off his cap and greeted the supporters.

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