Brittney Griner (WNBA All-Star) was arrested in Russia for drug charges

Brittney Griner, WNBA All Star, was detained in Russia last month after a search of her bag revealed that she had vape cartridges.

Brittney Griner (WNBA All-Star) was arrested in Russia for drug charges

Russian Customs Service stated Saturday that the cartridges contained oil derived from marijuana. This could lead to a maximum of 10 years imprisonment. The person who was arrested was identified by the customs service as a female player on the U.S. women’s team. However, the date of her arrest is not known.

Russian media reported that Griner was the player, but her agent didn't dispute these reports.

Griner's agent Lindsay Kagawa Colas stated Saturday that she was aware of Griner's situation in Russia. She said that Griner and her legal representatives in Russia are in close contact with Griner, her family, her team, the WNBA, and NBA. "As this is an ongoing matter, we cannot comment on the details of her case, but we can confirm that her mental and physical well-being remain our main concern as we try to get her home.


The State Department issued a "do-not-travel" advisory to Russia on Saturday due to its invasion in Ukraine. It urged all U.S citizens to leave immediately.

Griner, who plays in the WNBA's Phoenix Mercury for the winter, has earned over $1 million per year -- more than four times her WNBA salary. Griner last played in Russia for UMMC Ekaterinburg, on January 29, before the league took a two week break in February to qualify for the FIBA World Cup.

Griner, 31, has won two Olympic gold medals for the U.S.A. She also won a WNBA championship in the Mercury and a national championship at Baylor. She is a seven-time All-Star.

The league released a statement saying that it supports Brittney Griner and that its main priority is her safe and speedy return to the United States.

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