Bulls G LaVine will meet with doctors regarding left knee soreness

Zach LaVine, Chicago Bulls' guard, will visit Los Angeles doctors on Tuesday to get more information about the soreness that his left knee has been undergoing.

Bulls G LaVine will meet with doctors regarding left knee soreness

LaVine was absent from Monday's Bulls game against the San Antonio Spurs. Coach Billy Donovan stated that LaVine will also miss Wednesday's matchup against Sacramento.

LaVine is not expected to be available for Sunday's NBA All-Star Game at Cleveland.

Donovan stated that Donovan "swells sometimes after games, and sometimes he does not," "So I believe getting to the bottom some of that stuff is possible, you know. They've clearly done imaging. He's cleared to play. There is some discomfort. He doesn't feel great. It really depends on what you feel like."

LaVine, a key player in the Bulls' resurgent team, was second in the Eastern Conference with a record of 36-21. LaVine, a 6-foot-5 forward, averages 24.6 points per game in 47 games this season.

During Friday's 134-122 win over Minnesota, he scored 12 points with 5-for-14 shooting.

Donovan stated that he wishes he could feel better for longer periods of time. "I believe that he felt better after the Minnesota game. That's when it began. He wanted to take it one step further. Just to have someone look at him."

The Timberwolves selected LaVine with the No. 13 selection in the 2014 draft. In June 2017, he was traded to Chicago.

LaVine was injured in the left knee at Detroit's loss, which ended his season as a Minnesota Viking. On February 14, 2017, Dr. Neal ElAttrache performed surgery to repair his ACL in Los Angeles.

Donovan stated that he and his team feel confident in the structural parts of Donovan's knee. "But, you have to listen, there are a lot things that I think he will see, and can kind of pinpoint maybe some of the issues or challenges."

LaVine was chosen for his second All-Star Game when the reserves were announced February 3. LaVine is also scheduled to take part in the 3-point shooting contest.

Donovan stated that he hadn't spoken to LaVine regarding All-Star weekend.

Donovan stated that doctors would talk to Donovan about the issues and then make some decisions. "But I don't know what they've come up with."


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