BVB gives the first all-clear: Tragic hero Marco Reus wants to "never give up"

BVB captain Marco Reus is in top form.

BVB gives the first all-clear: Tragic hero Marco Reus wants to "never give up"

BVB captain Marco Reus is in top form. The 33-year-old is leading his team through a bumpy start to the season, scoring important goals and working hard. He is seeded for the 2022 World Cup. Then fate catches up with him. Once again he is in danger of missing a major tournament. He is combative

Borussia Dortmund's captain Marco Reus has spoken out fighting after his possibly serious ankle injury. "Thank you for your recovery wishes," wrote the 33-year-old on Instagram: "I'll be back soon." He congratulated his team on the derby win against Schalke 04 (1-0) and concluded: "I will never give up."

Later, Sebastian Kehl also gave the all-clear. "The examinations yesterday did not show a fracture. He has an outer ligament injury in the ankle, but not so serious that the World Cup is at risk," said the BVB sports director in a one-two. He put the downtime at "three to four weeks".

Reus severely twisted his right foot after about half an hour on Saturday. He covered his face in horror, screamed in pain, and slammed his fist into the grass. A diagnosis is pending, coach Edin Terzic reported that the team doctor feared damage to the ligaments.

"It's extremely disappointing, it's extremely bitter," said Terzic. "It's a shame because Marco was in an outstanding form. He was in great shape, he played great. He's had so many setbacks in his career. We were hoping that he would finally get over it. Especially now in the World Cup Year." The BVB coach expressed his hope that Reus will not be out for a long time this time and concluded with the words: "All the best, Capitano and see you soon."

Reus was driven home at half-time with a bandage on his foot. The swelling may need to go down before imaging. His teammates celebrated their fourth derby win in a row in the dressing room with his jersey.

The 48-time national player will be absent from national coach Hansi Flick at least in the two Nations League games in Leipzig against Hungary (September 23) and in London three days later against England.

Reus had already missed several tournaments in the past due to various serious injuries. His exit a few minutes before the 2014 World Cup, which brought Germany the world championship title, was particularly bitter. Back then he was injured in the last friendly against Armenia.

Most recently, Reus drew attention to himself with strong performances and was about to play his first international match in ten months. He'll have to wait a little longer for that.

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