Cam Atkinson traded to Philadelphia Flyers

The 2021 NHL Entry Draft's first Boston College-related movement is not a draftee but a trade.

Cam Atkinson traded to Philadelphia Flyers

The Columbus Blue Jackets have traded Cam Atkinson, a BC alumnus, to the Philadelphia Flyers. He will be joining former Eagle Kevin Hayes in Philly. The Blue Jackets will also receive Jakub Voracek in return.

Atkinson played three seasons at BC between 2008 and 2011, and has spent the majority of his career with the Blue Jackets. This past season, Atkinson was an alternate captain. It was his eighth full-time NHL season.

Atkinson has averaged 20+ points every season with the Blue Jackets, which includes a career-high 69 points in 2018-19. With the exception of two COVID shortened seasons, Atkinson has scored at least 20 goals in every full season with the Blue Jackets.

Atkinson was a 6th-round draft pick in 2008. This is likely because Atkinson is a shorter player at 5'8. However, his speed, hockey skills, and scoring touch make him a valuable asset to any team. Atkinson is also a very active volunteer in numerous charitable causes throughout his time in Columbus. This gives him an extra benefit for any new city.

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