Can Phil Mickelson win more and other Large lessons learned in the PGA Championship

KIAWAH ISLAND, S.C. -- Phil Mickelson was focused on the job at hand Sunday it was clear he may not have had the time to grasp all of the several things he achieved with his PGA Championship success.

Can Phil Mickelson win more and other Large lessons learned in the PGA Championship

Maybe that is part of the reason behind his success in the Ocean Course. He was able to push aside those annoying problems that have plagued him in championship golf, doing what was needed to win on a few of the toughest courses he'll confront.

"It has been an extraordinary day, and I have not let myself sort of consider the results before today, now that it is over," Mickelson said in a post-tournament news conference. "I have attempted to remain more in the current and in the shot at hand, not leap forward and race. I have tried to close my head to lots of things going around. I was not watching TV. I was not getting on my mobile phone. I was only attempting to calm down things since I will get my thoughts rushing and that I just tried to remain calm.

"I thought for a very long time I could play at this level again. I didn't see why I could not, but I was not executing how I thought I could. With the support of a good deal of people, my spouse [Amy] particularly, [mentor ] Andrew Getson along with my brother Tim and [representative ] Steve Loy, I have managed to make progress and get this week.

"It is very exciting since I have had a couple of discoveries about being able to stay more current, have the ability to remain more focused, and physically, I am striking it and enjoying and I have but I have not managed to realize that crystal clear image. Though I thought ituntil I did this, there was lots of doubt, I am positive."

One of his other feats, Mickelson's gap between last and first victories -- 30 decades, four weeks -- would be the longest in PGA Tour history. In addition, he became the earliest major winner at 50 decades, 11 months. And he's the first player rated outside of the top 50 on earth to acquire a major as Keegan Bradley did so in the 2011 PGA Championship.

Along with also his 45th PGA Tour success tied him with Walter Hagen for most in tour history.

Mickelson was rated 115th coming to the week, and has moved to 30th on the planet.

His triumph signifies that a last-minute invitation to the only significant championship he's yet to assert.

Today it'll be interesting to see the way he begs for the important in which he has been runner-up six occasions. A while in Torrey Pines will probably be a part of this run-up.

"It is very possible this is the final tournament I win," Mickelson said. "Like if I am being realistic. However, it's also quite possible that I might have experienced a small amount of a breakthrough in a few of my attention and possibly I go on just a bit of a jog, I really don't understand. However, the point is that there is no reason why I or anyone else can not do it in a later age. It simply requires a tiny bit more work"

Below are a few additional items we heard after a memorable week in Kiawah Island.

He had been well outside the top 100 in the entire world. Other players rated higher didn't get an invitation.

Never mind the PGA of America generally has many exemptions to expand; this season it gave 38. Fowler, who hasn't won in two or more decades, had slipped into 128th on earth after missing the cut last week in the AT&T Byron Nelson.

On a barbarous course that penalized badly struck shots, Fowler, 32, discovered a little his placing magic which was missing and to get some while flirted with a top-5 finish.

And he moved around 101st on earth. He'd have to maintain the top 60 after the Memorial Tournament, which finishes on June 6, so as to acquire an automatic exemption into the U.S. Open. Otherwise, Fowler stated he will undergo 36-hole qualifying.

He was not making any excuses. The most recent knee difficulty necessary operation on March 16. These four rounds were the complete of his aggressive golf since late February.

Koepka stated he was prepared to go in the Experts. He said the exact same thing this week in Kiawah Island. The magic eventually disappeared Sunday, when Koepka couldn't buy a putt.

Is that the error of the knee? No, however there were bound to be a few battles -- and they arrived on the greens Sunday. Koepka's longest putt was that the 13-footer for birdie that he left on the first hole to direct temporarily. Following that, he also missed three interior of 5 feet.

"I am super frustrated, fairly bummed. I am happy," he explained. "I really don't know if there is a ideal word I will say on here without becoming entangled, but it hurts just a little bit. It is one of these things in which I just never felt comfortable within the putts. I really don't understand why, exactly happened.

I had been attempting to receive my hands somewhat lower and ended up becoming my hands too much lower one under and really ended up becoming farther away from the ball. The previous nine, I simply tried to return to what I have always done and that I felt like I had been hitting putts. I just wish I'd have done it earlier."

Koepka's placing issues aside, he also put himself into some hard areas on Sunday. He set himself in contention with an alteration after all he's suffered should not be dismissed.

Rory McIlroy's success in the Wells Fargo Championship finished an 18-month drought, but it arrived with a few defects which were exposed at Kiawah Island. Long a part of his match, McIlroy's driving was bad in Quail Hollow. There, however, he rescued himself with a few exceptional placing. In the PGA, he paid for all those errors off the tee with a fair iron match. His setting, too, became an problem.

"It was great to get a win in Quail Hollow, a class I've always played and am comfortable on. ... I did not feel like playing nicely here nine decades back was about to automatically allow me to perform nicely again, and that I felt like my game was -- I felt as though coming here was parts of my game which I had to sharpen up, and clearly those components were subjected this week at the end and on a challenging course."

Concerning the Ocean Course
The 1991 Ryder Cup was a timeless, and also McIlroy's 2012 PGA Championship victory was marred by traffic congestion and thunderstorms that appeared to overwhelm the championship. This has been the durable memory, and lots of cringed if a return was declared for 2021 in an area that's always likely to be tricky to reach.

However, Mickelson's success and the attractive championship will push all that aside. Moving to May created for a stronger evaluation, particularly with hardly a drop of rain. The end did its role, blowing off daily and then shifting directions on Sunday to bring a wrinkle. The simple fact that the winning score was only 6 under par and there were no cries of unfairness speaks really well.

A number of the PGAs during the next ten years are given, but there's some discussion of returning in 2030. Maybe some juggling will occur, but the PGA will reunite and do not be shocked if way farther down the street the Ocean Course understands another Ryder Cup.

Coming very soon... that the U.S. Open
The U.S. Open is going to be here fast. The very first days of exercise are only 3 weeks away. Many will perform with the Memorial Tournament next week as homework. Each astonishingly missed the cut in the PGA.

Johnson was on a somewhat troubling run because he won the Saudi International in the European Tour in February. He'd tie for eighth in the Genesis Invitational, but hasn't been in the top 10 in seven championships because that outcome.

Thomas has also experienced numerous lackluster results as winning the Players Championship with such a fantastic final round.

And Schauffele, who tied for third in the Masters and was 14th in the Wells Fargo, could not find his match in the Ocean Course.

The U.S. Open starts June 17.

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