Conference League - FC Bâle 2-2 Nice : Moffi n'a pas suffi

The last French national on the European scene, OGC Nice challenged FC Basel in Switzerland in the quarter-final first leg of the Conference League

Conference League - FC Bâle 2-2 Nice : Moffi n'a pas suffi

The last French national on the European scene, OGC Nice challenged FC Basel in Switzerland in the quarter-final first leg of the Conference League. With a typical team and Moffi in good shape, like his splendid bicycle, the Aiglons had long believed in winning, but the Swiss team reacted well to the return from the locker room.

A first attempt is signed Laborde but his head (15th) is too imprecise. Despite an early game to their advantage, the Aiglons will offer a penalty to their opponent. Jean-Clair Todibo badly manages his duel with Dan Ndoye, Mohamed Zeki Amdouni takes advantage of the offering and takes Schmeichel on the wrong foot (1-0, 26th).

Didier Digard's men will quickly bounce back. After an interesting first situation but sanctioned with an offside, Terem Moffi will equalize on a withdrawal from Gaëtan Laborde (1-1, 38th) who did not hesitate to tackle to serve his teammate.

The Nigerian striker who arrived this winter from Lorient is in excellent shape and will double the lead just before half-time, and in an exceptional way. Served again by Laborde, he flies away to slam a magnificent returned all in power (2-1, 45th). Since arriving from Lorient in January, Moffi has already scored seven goals with the Aiglons, including three on the European stage.


FC Basel is trying to react to the return from the locker room. On a shift from Andy Diouf, Michael Lang still manages to worry Schmeichel who pulls out a handball goalkeeper save to avoid the equalizer (66th). However, the Danish goalkeeper could not do anything on the head of Amdouni who found himself strangely alone at six meters (2-2, 70th). The people of Nice are struggling to react and are unable for the moment to give a boost. Gaëtan Laborde gets a face-to-face with Hitz but he is finally flagged offside (76th).

Didier Digard is trying to bring in new blood with the entry of Bilal Brahimi, who has often unblocked situations late in the game in Ligue 1, but he hasn't made the difference. The last chance of this meeting will ultimately be for Basel with a cross shot from Dan Ndoye on the right side. But Schmeichel watches and rejects the attempt of the former Nice (90th). It will therefore be necessary to seek qualification in a week at the Allianz Rivera for Dante's teammates, in order to climb into the last four of this Conference League.

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Finished: While leading 1-2 at the break thanks to a double from Terem Moffi, including an exceptional acrobatic return in added time (45 1st), the Niçois were surprised on a defensive error in the second half. After transforming a penalty to open the scoring (26th), Mohamed Amdouni also took the opportunity to offer himself a double and equalize (71st). Gaëtan Laborde's last two chances (75th and 77th) were not enough to allow the Aiglons to regain the advantage. They will therefore have to beat their opponents next Thursday evening at the Allianz Riviera in the return match to qualify for the semi-finals of the Europa League Conference.

Finished: The referee whistles the end of the match with the score of 2-2 between FC Basel and Nice!

90 1 min. : Centered on the right side of the penalty area, Ndoye unleashes a heavy strike with the right foot which forces Schmeichel to a good stop. The Nice defense then takes a long time to emerge.

90 mins. : The fourth referee announces 3 minutes of additional time minimum!

89 mins. - Change: New change for Basel! Also author of a double, Amdouni gives way to Millar in front.

86 mins. : Mendy wants to exchange a one-two with Ramsey on the right side but this one presses his delivery a little too much.

84 mins. - Change: Double change for Nice! Author of a magnificent double, Moffi is replaced by Brahimi for the last minutes, while Rosario gives way to Mendy on the right side of the defense.

82 mins. : In fast attack, Amdouni, eccentric on the right side, tries his luck from a distance but misses his shot.

79 mins. - Yellow card for López Galache: Lopez takes a yellow card for a big foul on Boudaoui in midfield.

77 mins. - Opportunity for Nice: Laborde is launched this time in depth by an excellent opening from Boudaoui and misses his control a little bit with his left foot before resuming with a half-volley with his right foot in the penalty area. Hitz intervenes again and diverts for a corner!

75 mins. - Opportunity for Nice: Laborde attempts a volley from far with the left foot which puts Hitz in difficulty. However, it does not find the frame!

74 mins. : The game is very choppy since the equalization of FC Basel.

71 mins. - Goal for FC Basel: Buuut de Amdouni for FC Basel !!! Following a right-footed strike from Ndoye blocked by the Nice defense, Lang recovers the ball on the right side and sends a millimeter cross taken from the head by Amdouni who crucifies Schmeichel at close range to in turn offer himself a double. FC Basel returns to 2-2 in this meeting!

70 mins. : FC Basel has been holding the ball a little better for a few minutes and is threatening.

67 mins. - Change: First change for Basel! Zeqiri is replaced by Fink in front.

66 mins. - Opportunity for FC Basel: Diouf shifts Lang on the right side who crosses strong in front of the Nice goal. Schmeichel deviates with the right foot and Ndoye is then too short to resume at close range!

63 mins. : Diouf serves Amdouni on his right who enters the penalty area and continues with the right foot. The ball ends up in Schmeichel's small left net.

62 mins. : The center of the left foot of Diouf on the right side is much too strong and ends in exit of goal.

60 mins. : On the hour mark, the score is still 1-2 for Nice in Basel.

57 mins. : Moffi is launched on the right side and tears away to serve Thuram in withdrawal. He was eventually flagged offside.

55 mins. : Diouf gets on his left foot in the axis and tries his luck. His strike is a little too crushed and captured by Schmeichel without difficulty.

53 mins. : The corner that follows from Laborde on the right side passes in front of everyone and Rosario can take the lead at the far post, without success.

52 mins. : Ramsey tries his luck from long distance with the right foot and sees his shot blocked ending in a corner.

49 mins. : From the first minutes, the people of Nice put their foot on the ball.

46 mins. - Change: First change at the break for Nice! Bard takes the place of Amraoui in the left corridor of the defense.

46 mins. : The people of Nice kick off the second half!

Half-time: Both teams return to the field.

Half-time: Despite a poor start to the game, sanctioned by Mohamed Amdouni's opener from the penalty spot (26th) following a questionable foul by Jean-Clair Todibo, the people of Nice came back into the game thanks to Terem Moffi. Opportunistic, the Nigerian striker first allowed his team to equalize (38th) before scoring twice in added time with a spectacular acrobatic return (45 1st)! Nice therefore takes the lead at the break but will have to do better when they return from the locker room.

Half-time: The referee whistles the end of the first period with the score 1-2 for Nice in Basel!

45 1 min. - Goal for Nice: What a buuuut from Moffi for Nice!!! Thuram launches Laborde on the left of the penalty area who crosses towards his attacking partner. He takes the ball with a magnificent acrobatic return with the left foot which ends its race under the bar of Hitz. Nice leads 1-2!

45 mins. : The fourth referee announces a minimum of 2 minutes additional time.

44 mins. : Zeqiri in turn remains on the ground after contact with Boudaoui by touching his right ankle. He finally gets up without difficulty.

41 mins. : Boudaoui provokes on the right side and obtains a good corner, which ultimately gives nothing.

38 mins. - Goal for Nice: Buuuut de Moffi for Nice !!! On the right side, Rosario sends a long ball into the penalty area which Ramsey heads. Laborde throws himself a first time to take over with his left foot, and the ball returns to Moffi who this time crucifies Hitz with his left foot. Nice returns to 1-1!

36 mins. : Thuram intercepts a dangerous pass from Ndoye and Ndayishimiye can serve Moffi directly in the middle, who has not had time to recover.

34 mins. : Schmeichel raises on Rosario right side, taken by the good rise of the defense of Basel.

31 mins. : Untenable since the start of the match, Ndoye still makes the difference on his right side and gets a good corner at the end of the race in front of Dante.

29 mins. - Opportunity for Nice: The Niçois combine well on the right side and Rosario's strong center on the ground with the right foot is sent back by the FC Basel defense on Thuram who takes over in first intention with the right foot in the penalty area. The ball goes just wide!

28 mins. : Burger stays on the ground after a big contact with Dante. He complains about the right knee but finally gets up.

26 mins. - Goal for FC Basel: Buuut de Amdouni for FC Basel !!! The striker takes care of this penalty and fixes Schmeichel before deceiving him with a right foot strike in the axis. FC Basel leads 1-0!

23 mins. : Penalty for FC Basel!! Nuhu launches Ndoye into the depth which enters the penalty area before being rammed in the side by Todibo. The referee judges this illegal intervention and designates the penalty spot for the Swiss!

21 mins. : Boudaoui is served on the right side but touches the ball with his supporting foot when crossing.

18 mins. : The following free kick struck with the right foot by Xhaka is muddled by the Nice defense and finally goes out for a corner.

17 mins. - Yellow card for Amraoui: Amraoui takes the first card of the match for hanging Ndoye who made the difference on the right side.

16 mins. : Diouf launches Amdouni in depth, beaten in the race by an intractable Rosario.

14 mins. : Rosario makes the difference on the right side and sends a good cross taken from the head by Laborde. The ball passes quite wide.

11 mins. : FC Basel has had more control of the ball since the start of the match.

08 mins. : On the left side, Lopez enters the axis and tries his luck with the right foot. Zeqiri is on the trajectory of the ball and wants to chain with the right foot in the penalty area but is signaled offside.

06 mins. : Ramsey's cross on the right side is deflected and finally goes out for a corner. On the latter, hit by Laborde on the right side, Moffi can only deflect the ball from the head at the near post without endangering the opposing defense.

03 mins. : Amdouni overflows on the right side and sends a cross that Rosario struggles to clear. The ball returns to the Basel striker in the penalty area who lacks control with the right foot.

01 min. : Let's go ! FC Basel kicks off the game.

00 mins. : The two teams make their debut on the lawn of the Parc Saint-Jacques in Basel.

00 mins. : For this trip to Basel, Didier Digard has to deal with many injuries. Nicolas Pépé, Alexis Beka Beka, Jordan Lotomba, Youcef Attal, Sofiane Diop and Mattia Viti are indeed absent from the Nice group.

00 min. Schmeichel - Rosario, Todibo, Dante (cap), Amraoui - Ndayishimiye, Boudaoui - Laborde, Ramsey, Thuram-Ulien - Moffi.

00 min. Hitz - Lang, Nuhu, Pelmard - Ndoye, Burger, Xhaka (cap.), Diouf, Lopez - Amdouni, Zeqiri.

00 mins. : Before this match, FC Basel is 6th in the Swiss Super League with 1 point behind Saint-Gall, 3rd. Nice is 9th in Ligue 1 with 2 points behind Lyon, 7th.

00 mins. : The Niçois were however able to console themselves with the European Cup by eliminating Sheriff Tiraspol in the previous round thanks to two victories 0-1 away and 3-1 at home.

00 mins. : For its part, Nice lost 0-2 at home against PSG last weekend after 4 draws in a row in the league, including the last 1-1 on the lawn of Angers.

00 mins. : In the previous round, the Swiss defeated Slovan Bratislava on penalties (4-1) after two draws 2-2 after regulation and extra time.

00 mins. : FC Basel remains on a 2-4 elimination at home against Young Boys Bern in the semi-finals of the Swiss Cup and a 1-1 draw at FC Zürich last weekend in the league.

00 mins. : Good evening everyone and welcome to our site to follow the match between FC Basel and Nice in the quarter-final first leg of the Europa League Conference. The meeting will take place at Parc Saint-Jacques, kick-off scheduled for 9:00 p.m. The match will be refereed by Swede Glenn Nyberg, assisted by VAR by Englishman Stuart Attwell.