Dak Prescott injury update: Cowboys quarterback deals with shoulder problem

Dak Prescott is back with the Cowboys. This is a welcome sight after his devastating ankle injury which kept him out of action for most of the 2020 season.

Dak Prescott injury update: Cowboys quarterback deals with shoulder problem

Prescott is still recovering from an ankle injury that left him unable to practice for the majority of 2020 season.

Prescott is currently out of training camp practice due to a minor shoulder injury. However, he won't be unable to miss any extended time while he works on it.

Here are the latest updates on Prescott's injured shoulder:

Dak Prescott injury update

Cowboys QB Dak Preston will be temporarily out of action with a strain in his throwing shoulder.

An MRI of Prescott's shoulder showed that there was no structural damage, which is good news for Dallas, its coaches, and its fans. Prescott's shoulder will be reexamined by the Cowboys on a daily basis.

"I felt some soreness when making certain throws today, and I really decided not to push things too far," Prescott said after practice. "Better to be cautious and smart about it. This is not a serious setback for me. It will be treated on a daily basis, and I'll be just fine."

Other QBs on Dallas’ depth chart are Ben DiNucci Cooper Rush, Garrett Gilbert and Garrett Gilbert. They all took snaps when Prescott was not there.

Prescott practiced hard after his ankle injury. This is good news for Cowboys.

This offseason, he signed a huge four-year contract extension worth $160 million with Dallas.

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