Dater's Weekly: Evander Kane situation becomes worse, Fleury will report back to Blackhawks

Good Sunday to everyone, and a good start to a new month. August has been known historically as the "dead month" in sports media unless you are a passionate baseball fan.

Dater's Weekly: Evander Kane situation becomes worse, Fleury will report back to Blackhawks

I was a passionate baseball fan growing up. That's what most sports writers would say. Let's start with an ugly story about Sharks forward Evander Kane.

  • Yesterday's news was shocking. Kane's wife Anna took to Instagram to make some serious accusations against him. She claimed that Kane gambled on the games he played. Evander Kane strongly denied the accusation and stated that his estranged spouse is mentally ill. Anna fired back today. The NHL will launch an investigation on the gambling allegations. Our Sheng Peng has been on the sordid story from the word go (San Jose Hockey Now)
  • Marc-Andre Fleury has informed the Chicago Blackhawks he will play for them in the upcoming season (ESPN)
  • Pittsburgh Hockey Now: Evgeni malkin turned 35 Saturday. To celebrate, here are their Top 5 Evgeni Malkin moments.
  • Vancouver: Vancouver: The Canucks and Flames used to have their first tournament together. But, it was too close for Vancouver. You are so crazy! The Canadian rivals are finally bringing it back.
  • I have just seen all three films of "Before Richard Linklater", starring Ethan Hawke. They all get my enthusiastic thumbs up. I have always been a huge fan of Ethan Hawke, and that's not just because he was there to help me in the rental car line in Vancouver.
  • Martin Jones has had three straight subpar seasons, but the Flyers signed him anyway. They believe he can rebound in Philadelphia. (PHN)
  • The five worst free-agent contracts in Red Wings history (Detroit Hockey Now)
  • Wish I had this problem still: An NHL prospect has had trouble gaining weight and now counts chocolate cake as his secret weapon (TSN)
  • The 10 best hockey commercials of all time (Hockey News)
  • They may have missed some. To this day I am still looking for a funny TV ad featuring Joe Sakic and Adam Foote on 103.5 The Fox. It was the "bacos ad. Send it to anyone who has it.

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