Deshaun Watson is not charged by the grand jury after 22 women have accused him of sexual misconduct

As his legal issues arose, the Houston Texans quarterback didn't play in 2021. The team is now seeking a trade.

Deshaun Watson is not charged by the grand jury after 22 women have accused him of sexual misconduct

After Deshaun Watson was accused of multiple sexual harassment and assaults by women, a Texas grand jury declined to indict him and criminally charge him.

"After the Harris County grand jury received all the evidence and heard from all witnesses, the grand jurors declined Deshaun Watson's indictment," Dane Schiller, spokesperson for the Harris County District Attorney's Office said Friday. "Grand jury proceedings are confidential by law. Therefore, no information related to their inquiry can be disclosed."

Watson's attorney Rusty Hardin stated in a Friday statement that he and Watson were pleased that the grand juror had looked into the matter and came to the same conclusion as us.

Hardin stated that "Deshaun Watson didn't commit any crimes" and was not guilty of any offenses.

"Now that the criminal investigations are over, we can move on to civil case depositions. We will vigorously defend these cases with all that we have.

22 women had accused Watson of sexual misconduct in civil lawsuits. They claimed that Watson improperly touched plaintiffs who were hired as personal trainers and massage therapists.

Tony Buzbee of Houston represents all 22 civil plaintiffs. He said that eight of his clients were scheduled to testify before grand jury.

Watson, a native of Gainesville in Georgia, and a Clemson University alumnus has been in the league ever since 2017. However, he didn't play in the last season due to legal issues and the Texans trying to trade their talented QB.

Buzbee stated that the quarterback had already told him through his attorneys that he wouldn't cooperate.

"Mr. Watson, his legal team, have repeatedly stated publicly that Deshaun Watson was innocent and wants his name to be cleared," Buzbee stated. "But when he has the opportunity to do so, however, he will refuse to answer any questions and plead the Fifth Amendment." He should have answered questions if he had nothing to hide."

Through Hardin, Watson has maintained his innocence, and denied that he's ever committed any acts of sexual misconduct.

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