DFB team in the rocket criticism: Only for Neuer and Sané things are not going according to plan

Before the game against Italy, Manuel Neuer demands that the German national team ignite a rocket.

DFB team in the rocket criticism: Only for Neuer and Sané things are not going according to plan

Before the game against Italy, Manuel Neuer demands that the German national team ignite a rocket. And that actually works. The newly formed team of the European champions is sent into the night sky over Mönchengladbach by the DFB team.

Before the Nations League second leg against Italy, Manuel Neuer demands that the German national team ignite a rocket. That after three draws and a step backwards against Hungary finally a win, and against a top nation (Italy in the upheaval is not yet again), jumps out. And that actually works in front of 44,000 spectators. The newly formed team of the European champions is sent in phases in a dominant manner into the night sky over Mönchengladbach by the DFB team. Our rocket review.

Manuel Neuer: The German titan knows no mercy. Neither with his opponents in his own team (at FC Bayern and in the national team alike) nor with the opponents. Before the game against Italy, his 113th cap, he had said that with the World Cup in mind he "couldn't just drop a game". Means: New player plays. And the way he does it is just fine. Simply world class. This runs like a red thread (the only one in the German team) through the current Nations League block. And because the last impression is always the most important, he also titanized himself through the duel with the southern Europeans. Prevented a possible 0-1 after nine minutes when he saved Giacomo Raspadori's shot from close range. Saved Niklas Süle an embarrassing slander after 31 minutes when he processed his wild back pass remarkably confidently and let the Italian pressure come to nothing. And unnerved Italy with a monster reflex in the 55th minute (would have been offside). Small taste: He didn't keep a clean sheet this time either. 18-year-old Wilfried Gnonto used a rebound from the titan to make it 5-1 before Alessandro Bastoni reduced the lead to 5-2. After a badly defended standard situation. Nevertheless: The Titan is a rocket.

Lukas Klostermann: The right side of defense has been identified as a major German problem area. Not because Thilo Kehrer or Lukas Klostermann do not meet international standards, but because they do not have the overall package that Flick imagines for his ideal position. Both lack dynamism, perhaps also the courage to liven up the German offensive with flank runs. You miss what competitor Jonas Hofmann has delivered in recent weeks. However, the Gladbacher is a trained winger, he is an option for the shape-fluctuating Leroy Sané and Serge Gnabry. Good for the regular hopes of Kehrer and Klostermann. The Leipziger was now given preference and can feel like the winner of the past few days. Closing the page confidently again. Kehrer hasn't always been able to do that. Klostermann remains in the shortlist for a seat in the DFB rocket.

Niklas Süle: Süle will play alongside Nico Schlotterbeck at Borussia Dortmund next season. On the other hand, it seems impossible that the two will also form a duo at the World Cup. The new royal Antonio Rüdiger became too important in the Hansi Flick era. Means: a black and yellow will take a seat on the bench. Schlotterbeck recently collected good and not so good arguments for himself. His build-up game is great at times, but his dropouts are daunting. And Sule? Well, the stressed-out newcomer with a careless back pass. In Dortmund they joke that it's a blunder inherent in the club. However, the giant prepared the lead for the DFB team with a rocket-like Beckenbauer ball. From the 87th minute Jonathan Tah: His action was a small thank you from the national coach for the time together.

Antonio Ruediger: He's the boss. Without question. Also had everything under control against Italy. Better not to get injured before the World Cup. His physicality is impressive, as is his pace. What he can do better: turn off his sometimes sloppy passes to teammates. They always evoke danger in the switching game. The Italians couldn't punish that. Rüdiger gives the defense plenty of stability. A key figure in the national coach's rocket crew. Also because, as a mentality player and chatterer, he causes greed and biliousness in the team.

David Raum: Raum is increasingly answering the question of space on the left in his favour. The young man from Hoffenheim is the great discovery of the Flick era. Has blossomed into the undisputed regular in nine games. His forays are bold, dynamic and often dangerous. That's how he prepared the 1:1. Did he really want to find the goalscorer Joshua Kimmich with his flank? Doesn't matter. Assist is assist and goal is goal. On the left wing he is Flick's first World Cup candidate. Robin Gosens, the great EM discovery, has to ignite powerfully at Inter Milan in the new season in order to catch up on space.

Joshua Kimmich: When it comes to Italy, the man from Munich discovers his passion for scoring goals. As in the first leg in Bologna, the driver also scored in Mönchengladbach. Had free standing but also little trouble. But you have to make a ball like that first. Especially in the pressure situation that weighed on the team after the "step backwards" (so Flick) against Hungary. Not only did he exude the confidence that a leader needs, but he constantly conveyed to his teammates the will to finally win the Nations League. The way he almost knocked out Neuer with his chest after a strong save was remarkably bilious. He also provided evidence (a corresponding question had been raised) that after a sapping season that was not easy for him, he still had power and drive.

İlkay Gündoğan: He is the most important control body on board. Has eyes everywhere, can always be played. His lateral shifts are great, as are his insertions. The City player is an outstanding pacesetter. In the German jersey, however, he somehow lacks the dynamism that he brings to the pitch in the club. When he plays you know why. If a Leon Goretzka in the best condition gets the regular place, then you also know why. His power between the penalty areas is more important for Flick's idea than Gündoğan's genius. But maybe both will get a regular place at the World Cup alongside Kimmich (or before). As a reliable penalty taker, he proved himself against Italy. Good to know. Is now one of the top scorers of the first Flick season with four goals. From the 87th minute Anton Stach: He almost scored Germany's sixth goal, but he didn't. And otherwise? Nothing more.

Jonas Hofmann: His synapses worked again. In other words: they ignited. That was no longer the case against Hungary towards the end. Hofmann missed the huge chance of winning because he passed catastrophically instead of shooting himself. What he had done well and successfully several times before. In his home stadium, he underlined his claim to play a central role in the DFB team at the World Cup in Qatar. With a lot of drive, joy and courage, he played Italy and took the penalty to 2-0. From the 64th minute Serge Gnabry: For him under Joachim Löw: He always plays. He did that last with a fluctuating form. It's good to have a real rival now. Walked in and was instantly in rocket mode. Good starts and two assists to Werner.

Thomas Müller: You can't hear it anymore and you really don't want to write it anymore, but if this Mia-san-mia icon from Munich can and finds something, then it's spaces that aren't actually there. At least not for the average footballer. His ability to keep popping up where nobody expects him also helped against Italy. So he was completely free and alone when he made it 3-0, the ball bounced in front of his feet - and Müller allowed himself a goal. And another half-template. He released teammate Serge Gnabry, who then hung up for Werner to make it 4-0. However, and this is also true, "Radio Müller" had a few frequency problems. Is at the end of a long journey (season) but not surprising. Happens to the best in orbit. From the 75th minute Jamal Musiala: The German rocket was rested for a long time and was only allowed to ignite at the end, to the satisfaction of the spectators. They gave the jewel benevolent applause for little football delicacies.

Leroy Sané: The man, who was trained by the future regional league team SG Wattenscheid 09 again and has "sensational potential" (that's what Flick says), was allowed to play in the game against Hungary in Budapest (at warm-up and sprinting after the game ends) start again. That was not necessarily expected. And the man whose father Souleymane is still a legend in Wattenscheid wanted to correct the impressions of the past few weeks. He would do well to continue doing so, too. Because he was not only counted openly at Bayern, they are not happy with Sané in the DFB camp either. The winger looked for the pace, the dribbling, the conclusion. He had two good ones in half-time one. That was good, as was his involvement in pressing. What was not so good, however, was its effectiveness. He had three top finishes, none of which were good enough to score. He again lacked the conviction that Flick absolutely wants from his team.

Timo Werner: In Germany the question arose as to who should score the goals for the national team. Nobody had really offered to do so in the past few days, even if Flick defiantly admitted that his team had scored a goal in every game (that's true, of course). However, the national coach could not avoid the striker topic. And he did his best to talk Timo Werner strong, the hapless workaholic, including a starting XI against Italy. And after 90 minutes the situation is as follows: Werner scored two goals. So everything fine? Well no. Because until the redemption (68th and 69th minute) the Londoner did what he always did - and thus caused great despair among many fans. Werner worked like a madman, but his actions lacked determination and danger. He was involved in the opening goal, however, because he created space for Raum's cross. Then he hit twice. Lukas Nmecha from the 75th minute: Flick had certified that he had very good results in training. There was no sign of that. Well, was there. A starting eleven would be interesting.

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