England vs. Denmark: Time and lineups, TV streams, odds, prediction, for Euro 2021 semifinal

England has the latest chance to win it all: Beat Denmark in a Euro 2021 semifinal in London's Wembley Stadium, then host the final four days later. This will be England's first appearance in a Euro title match.

England vs. Denmark: Time and lineups, TV streams, odds, prediction, for Euro 2021 semifinal

This is a perfect venue for the English who will be playing in front of approximately 60,000 mostly partisan fans (8,000 Danes also are expected). They hope to get past a major tournament semifinals for the first time ever since 1966. They have failed to reach this stage in four previous semifinals at the Euros (1968 and 1996) as well as the World Cup (1990, 2018, 2018).

Denmark's soccer has been some of the most impressive at the Euros. This is after Christian Eriksen, a star player, was able to survive a heart attack episode during a match. The Danes are the most likely to beat England in this tournament with 11 goals.

Denmark, unlike England has won the Euros in the past on a Cinderella run that took place in 1992. The 2021 team is ranked No. The 2021 team, ranked No. 10 in the world is not a Cinderella. Many players from Europe were in top leagues, so many chose the Danes to be dark horse favorites to win the tournament. Eriksen was not among them.

When was the last time Denmark met England? It was a Nations League match at Wembley Stadium last October. Denmark won 1-0 (highlights are below). They won 1-0. This is the third win in seven matches since the turn century.

Starting lineups for England vs. Denmark

Gareth Southgate, England manager, won't switch back from the three-man central defense set-up (3-4-3 against Denmark). It was used in Round 16 against Germany's 3-4-3 formation, and it worked.

The 3-4-3 might have been a good defensive option for England against Denmark. It would have allowed England to match up with their dynamic forward line of three Danes, and potentially neutralized the influence of Joakim Maehle (Dane left wingback), who has been influential for his team.

Southgate will be going with Arsenal's Bukayo Saka on the right, over Jadon Sancho or Phil Foden. We will see if Saka can contain Maehle with his attacking forays.

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