Ex-Seahawks and Seminoles WR Tamorrion Terron Terry indicted for 2018 murder

Terry was signed by the Seahawks as an undrafted agent, and later released.

Ex-Seahawks and Seminoles WR Tamorrion Terron Terry indicted for 2018 murder

In April, former Florida State wide receiver Tamorrion Tercey wasn't selected in the 2021 NFL Draft. Although he signed as an undrafted free agent with the Seattle Seahawks, many wondered why Terry, 6-foot-3 and 207-pound, was not taken.

On Wednesday, the Seahawks released the gifted pass-catcher abruptly, leaving us again wondering what went wrong. We now have the answer. We learned that Terry was one of the 11 defendants in a grand jury indictment against a 21-year old woman who was killed in 2018 less than 24 hours after his release.

Za'Qavis Smith was shot and killed in gang-related incidents in Ashburn, Georgia, June 30, 2018.

According to David Hale of ESPN Terry will likely surrender to authorities. He has cooperated throughout the investigation and will continue to do so. He is optimistic that his name will not be indicted.

Two weeks ago, Pete Carroll, the Seahawks' coach, had identified Terry as a breakout candidate to help Seattle's offense. Although he wasn't drafted, it was expected that he would be a major contributor to the No. 3rd receiver position behind Tyler Lockett and DK Metcalf.

Terry must go through the legal process to get cleared.

This is the second murder case against a former Florida State receiver in 2021. Travis Rudolph was the team's top receiver for two consecutive seasons in 2015, 2016 and was charged in April with first-degree murder.

Date Of Update: 02 July 2021, 16:09

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