F1 press commentary on Hungarian GP: 'Ferrari breaks apart' and 'implodes'

Formula 1 world champion Max Verstappen wins the Hungarian Grand Prix thanks to a strong race to catch up.

F1 press commentary on Hungarian GP: 'Ferrari breaks apart' and 'implodes'

Formula 1 world champion Max Verstappen wins the Hungarian Grand Prix thanks to a strong race to catch up. The international press pays homage to the Dutchman, who "almost won the title". The Italian media in particular are harsh on the Ferrari racing team and its "disaster". The press reviews at a glance:

Telegraph: "Verstappen has the title race under control - Ferrari implodes. The champion benefits from the mistakes of his rivals and wins from tenth place. Hamilton grabs second place with renewed confidence in his car."

Daily Mail: "It's all yours, Max! Verstappen roars his way to victory from 10th on the grid and almost takes the title while Ferrari make mistakes again. Max Verstappen doesn't need a rule-breaking race director to help him this time. He has Ferrari on his side."

Guardian: "Verstappen breaks away from the rest with victory in Hungary. It will be a pleasure for Max Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton and George Russell to pack their bags for the annual summer break [...] Ferrari should consider the holidays canceled and consider just packing up and calling it quits after a dismal performance by Scuderia that gave Verstappen a hand on the title."

Gazzetta dello Sport: "Ferrari's disaster. Breakdowns, driving errors, unsafe box. Formula 1 is on vacation - and with it Ferrari's world championship hopes. How can we still talk about world championship chances when Charles Leclerc's gap in the overall standings to Max Verstappen is nine race has grown to 80 points before the end?"

Corriere dello Sport: "Ferrari disaster. Nothing works. The ground collapsed under Ferrari's feet, who are convinced they have the best car in the World Cup. But now it's a matter of closing the book of dreams and going back to the original ones Goals: to be competitive at individual Grand Prix's."

Tuttosport: "Ferrari's disaster in the pits is complete. It's enough! It's pointless to have the best car if you don't do anything with it. Thoughtless decisions serve Verstappen the triumph on a silver platter. The goal of a double victory in Budapest is transformed into final and unassailable surrender in the race for the World Cup."

De Volkskrant: "It seemed almost impossible: to win a race from tenth on the grid on a track that is almost impossible to overtake. But this season everything seems to be ending well for Max Verstappen. He goes into the summer break with the reassuring Thoughts that nothing can stop him from his second title in the next few months."

AD: "Max Verstappen gave the competition a hammer blow in the fight for the title. He's going into the summer break with a gigantic lead in the World Championship standings."

Marca: "Ferrari is falling apart and Verstappen is the virtual world champion. Ferrari's strategy was catastrophic, everything went wrong. Verstappen is a real monster and can hardly be stopped. Now he's already 80 points ahead with nine races left, there should be don't burn much anymore."

As: "Ferrari puts it in reverse. Verstappen is tenth and is first - that says it all. The current world champion knew how to use the gifts of his rivals perfectly for himself. What an impressive comeback."

Sport: "Verstappen's catching up in the style of a world champion. In Hungary everything looked like a Ferrari double victory, but nothing there! In the moment of truth, Verstappen was the one who could read the race best."

El Mundo Deportivo: "They say that the great masters get it right at the key moments. Max Verstappen and Red Bull are a clear example of this. Ferrari is exactly the opposite. This result hits Ferrari right in the heart. The question isn't whether Ferrari that can catch up. The question is in which race Verstappen will be crowned world champion."

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