Five players who could be returning to their old clubs this summer

It's gone a long time since players used to swear allegiance only to one club and stay with that club for their entire career. This is a great thing in many ways. Different clubs have different managers, with different philosophies and methods. A player can choose the one that suits him best.

Five players who could be returning to their old clubs this summer

Sometimes, a top player may not be able bring his best when playing for a particular club. There are many reasons this could occur. The player could then transfer to another club to improve his skills and become a better player. Although things can turn out well, it is rare for players to return to their former clubs.

This has been repeated several times, with varying degrees of success. This could happen again this year. Let's now take a look at five former players who may be returning to their clubs this summer.

Renato Sanches, only 23 years old, is a very special person. He has experienced the entire range of emotions in the past five years. As a teenager, Sanches was a sensation in the football world. Bayern Munich signed him up in 2016 for EUR35million. It seemed that they had outperformed several European giants in football.

Sanches was a star at Euro 2016 in Portugal. He was a key player at the tournament, and his mentality and ability earned him much praise. Sanches' club career was not successful and he only made 53 appearances for Bayern Munich in two seasons.

Also, he had a bad loan experience with Swansea City. His underwhelming performances soon made him an easy target for media. Renato Sanches, who was on the brink of being dismissed, is now making a comeback.

The talented young midfielder currently plays for LOSC Lille and put in a fantastic performance for Portugal in their group stage match against Germany. This performance was reminiscent to the Sanches of yesteryear and showed that he is on the right track to reviving himself.

According to reports, Bayern Munich is considering bringing him back. It will be a remarkable return for the youngster if he does make it back to Germany.

Kingsley Coman already has a distinguished career. Bayern Munich has been trying to come to an agreement with Coman, 25 years old. Negotiations have been stalled due to Coman’s wage demands that the Bavarians consider excessive.

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