Form puzzles at FC Bayern: Hoeneß gives Nagelsmann a clear job

The carefree youngster Jamal Musiala is again a bright spot.

Form puzzles at FC Bayern: Hoeneß gives Nagelsmann a clear job

The carefree youngster Jamal Musiala is again a bright spot. Otherwise, the international matches of the German national soccer team do not prove to be an anti-crisis measure for the FC Bayern pros. It's still "exhausting" against Leverkusen - and in Dortmund.

In the catacombs of Wembley Stadium, the Bayern block about the sudden bench press Thomas Müller and Serge Gnabry was again about the crisis at home. "Of course, for us Bayern players, the focus is now fully on the next few weeks," said veteran Müller with a view to 13 groundbreaking games in seven weeks, in which important sporting decisions have to be made before the long World Cup break, especially in the Soccer Bundesliga. "It's going to be exhausting enough," Müller groaned.

Especially since honorary president Uli Hoeneß sent clear instructions from Tegernsee to the Munich pros and also to coach Julian Nagelsmann, who was under considerable delivery pressure, immediately after the 3-3 win against England in an RTL channel. "You have to say very clearly: Our team didn't play well recently! We have to work on that." The 70-year-old patron of the club warned that it was "urgently necessary" for the players to quickly find their way back to the "outstanding games" at the start of the season.

Nagelsmann has to defuse the situation with his star ensemble after the last four Bundesliga games without a win and the 0-1 low in Augsburg. It starts on Friday against Bayer Leverkusen, and a week later it's off to Dortmund. "We will attack fully and also have to attack fully," announced Bayern boss Oliver Kahn. He is still "totally convinced" of Nagelsmann.

The Nations League games against Hungary (0-1) and England did not bring about the change in mood among their DFB staff that the Bayern bosses around Kahn and Nagelsmann had hoped for. This returned to Munich on Tuesday, mostly frustrated. A ray of hope was once again 19-year-old Jamal Musiala, who maintains his carefree attitude on the football field in every jersey. He "don't let the club situation get to me," said Musiala: "It doesn't change my mentality."

Hoeneß was very impressed by how the youngster, who grew up in London, performed in his special international match at the iconic soccer venue Wembley and how he lived up to the huge expectations as an offensive driving force. "In the run-up he was put under endless pressure. It was said that Messiah was now playing for the German team," said Hoeneß, who revealed himself as a "big fan" of Musiala and gave Nagelsmann advice that sounded like an order : "If Jamal plays like that, he has to be a part of FC Bayern and the national team."

Even Müller, who came on late as a spectator, did not miss the fact that Musiala, who had long since become a serious competitor for Gnabry, Leroy Sané or himself, "was able to show his skills in the second half when the game came up". Hoeneß otherwise preferred to avoid individual criticism. But the internationals were an indicator of how some Munich players are doing. "You can tell: Serge Gnabry is on the bench, Thomas Müller is on the bench, these are things that Bayern players are not used to," said Hoeneß about the reserve role of these offensive greats against England.

After the Corona failure of Manuel Neuer and Leon Goretzka, the five Bayern players in the DFB squad should actually gain self-confidence for everyday club life with goals and victories after four winless Bundesliga games. That failed. "The form wasn't there recently - and then Bayern players are always discussed, no question about it," said Hoeneß. Nevertheless, he now expects a trend reversal in the series champion, who crashed in fifth place in the table. "Julian Nagelsmann can now fully prepare with the team for the important games that are to come. I'm convinced that our team will then get in shape again," said the honorary president.

Before the Leverkusen game, Nagelsmann can hardly train with the whole team and work on the symptoms of the crisis. After all, Neuer and Goretzka were able to train with the team again after their Corona break on Tuesday. And there was positive international news too: problem child Sadio Mané ended his goal drought on duty for Senegal: the striker converted a penalty in the friendly win against Bolivia.

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