Formula 1 in the press: "Ferrari is bleeding to death because of the engine"

Defending champion Max Verstappen is well on the way to repeating his triumph.

Formula 1 in the press: "Ferrari is bleeding to death because of the engine"

Defending champion Max Verstappen is well on the way to repeating his triumph. Because the Red Bull driver delivers reliably - and above all the competition in the Ferrari is stuck in crisis. The cars of the Scuderia are too unreliable for the championship fight. The press writes of a "smoky World Cup".


"Gazzetta dello Sport": "Smoky World Cup for Ferrari after Leclerc breaks another engine. The Monegasse keeps its usual high speed until the engine breaks down. A heavy blow for the team and the fans. For Verstappen, this World Cup just starts while Ferrari's strategy sinks deeper and deeper."

"Corriere dello Sport": "Ferrari disaster in Baku while Verstappen flees. From pole position to devastating defeat in 24 hours. Ferrari leaves Azerbaijan with bitter faces. Ferrari's reliability has collapsed."

"Tuttosport": "Maranello, we have a problem! It hurts because the Ferrari team, which was criticized for its strategy in Monte Carlo, initially caused difficulties for the opponents. But now one thing is clear: Ferrari has an Achilles heel , namely the reliability of the engine."

"La Stampa": "Verstappen gets the best result with minimal effort. The successes in difficult races make the difference. The defeat in Baku will have a negative impact on the entire world championship for Ferrari. For Leclerc, the world title is at stake ."

"Corriere della Sera": "The deep fall after reaching the sky with pole position hurts Leclerc."

"La Repubblica": "Ferrari's power unit has made a big leap forward over the past few years, but the effort is costly. Is Ferrari taking too many risks to strengthen performance? Team boss Mattia Binotto denies this, but Ferrari's Disgrace in Baku must have an explanation."

"De Telegraaf": "On course for the second title: Max Verstappen proves on the track who is number one at Red Bull - whoever needed proof. The fact that Charles Leclerc retired for Ferrari on another dramatic day embellished it celebrations."

"AD": "Max Verstappen got out of his car as if to say: I'm the boss of Formula 1. Max Verstappen let his right foot speak again in Baku. Ferrari, on the other hand, experienced a catastrophic Sunday."

"Guardian": "Max Verstappen has had a difficult start in defending his title, which he won so dramatically last year. He suffered from reliability problems at the beginning of the season, which are now a thorn in Ferrari's side."

"Daily Mail": "'S*** happens. Max Verstappen had no sympathy for Charles Leclerc after the Dutchman exploited his Ferrari rival's engine failure to win unchallenged in Azerbaijan on Sunday."

"Telegraph": "Max Verstappen wins the Azerbaijan Grand Prix as the Ferrari bankruptcy in Baku continues. A disappointed Charles Leclerc urged Ferrari to address the reliability issues to prevent the Formula 1 battle in this season becomes a one-horse race."

"The Sun": "At Ferrari, the implosion of the Italian team - after such a strong start to the season, in which they have produced the fastest car on the line-up - is the talk of the town. If we do one thing about Formula 1's most famous team it's that they know how to screw it up really badly. They haven't won a title since 2008 but they are the undisputed masters at scoring own goals."

"Marca": "Verstappen has no rival, Ferrari is bleeding to death because of the engine, Alonso is seventh. A one for Red Bull, a six for Ferrari. It was the worst weekend for Scuderia this year. The Dutchman is positioning himself more and more clearly Favorites for the World Cup."

"AS": "Ferrari destroys itself, Ferrari's total debacle in Azerbaijan. Red Bull clears everything away with a double victory for Verstappen and Perez. Ferrari has to think about what's going on there, otherwise the World Cup train will soon have left . Leclerc is the unlucky man of the weekend. For Verstappen it was like a walk in the end."

"Sport": "Verstappen reigns in Baku in Ferrari's drama. Verstappen puts his signature to an undisputed victory in Azerbaijan and increases his lead after the double disaster of Sainz and Leclerc. Verstappen has the World Cup more and more in his hands."

"El Mundo Deportivo": "Verstappen makes himself big, disaster for Ferrari in Baku. Ferrari burns golden points again. Red Bull makes the perfect punch."

"L'Equipe": "Ferrari in doubt. While the Scuderia was supposed to make a new start in Azerbaijan, they experienced a low point there with a catastrophic double failure for Carlos Sainz and especially Charles Leclerc, who was still in the lead when he failed."

"Le Monde": "Red Bull gets a one-two in Baku, Ferrari continues to suffer setbacks."

"Le Figaro": "Red Bull's walk, Ferrari's black Sunday."

"Blick": "The sheer Ferrari horror in Baku! First Sainz retires with brake problems, a little later Charles Leclerc, who was leading at the time, has to give up with engine damage. Zero points for the Scuderia. What a debacle. One's suffering, the other Freud. Red Bull don't report any problems, can fit fresh tires at will to get the double win."

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