Frank Clark could face prison for felony weapons charge

Frank Clark, former Seattle Seahawks defensive lineman and current Kansas City Chiefs player, is experiencing yet another turbulent offseason. According to Pete Sweney, Arrowhead Pride Clark was charged Friday with a felony weapon count. This is a result of his March arrest.

Frank Clark could face prison for felony weapons charge

According to Pete Sweeney Clark's arraignment has been set for Wednesday. It will take some time for the case to go to trial. However, Clark could be facing up to three years imprisonment if convicted.

Clark is a productive player during his time with the Seahawks as well as the Chiefs. He recorded five sacks in three playoff games in 2019, leading to the victory in Kansas City over the San Francisco 49ers at Super Bowl LIV. In four seasons with the Seahawks he recorded 35 sacks, including a career-high of 13. The Seahawks used the Franchise Tag to trade Clark to the Chiefs for several picks. A 2019 first rounder was also traded to Clark. L.J. was then selected by the Seahawks. Collier from TCU. Clark is a talented player, but his actions off the field do not diminish his talent.

The Chiefs have not yet released an official statement regarding the matter.

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