Frank Lampard admits to mixed Feelings watching Chelsea FC win Champions League Final

Frank Lampard has admitted he had mixed emotions watching Chelsea win the Champions League in Porto last month.

Frank Lampard admits to mixed Feelings watching Chelsea FC win Champions League Final

Lampard has also disclosed getting the sack in Chelsea has not put him off management also that he is ready to get back into work when the right job comes up.

Lampard said he also felt pride at the role played by players such as Mason Mount at the success however, reluctantly, admitted he wished he was the manager who directed them into European glory.

Asked by Gary Lineker when he had mixed emotions watching Chelsea beat City 1-0, Lampard said:"Yeah. When you work towards something, you want to be there, you want to be the manager. I am never going to attempt to lay claim on this. I was a part of this early base potentially but Thomas did a fantastic job getting them there.

"I will saythat when I saw it, first I am a Chelsea individual and Chelsea fans are happy and the club accomplishes that. Second to visit Mason and Reece James play at that level, people such as Mendy, Chilwell and Thiago, who arrived through my time there, makes me quite happy. But it was a great accomplishment by them and really well managed."

Asked how he reflects on his time in Chelsea, Lampard said:"You don't ever want to eliminate a job. I am pretty good company at Chelsea, it occurs, it is the harsh reality of soccer at the highest level. With reflection, it has been nice to spend some time from this sport. I am rather pleased with the job I did.

"It was an honor to manage the club. I came in at a tough time with the ban and also the reduction of Eden Hazard, also worked really hard in year one to enter the Champions League and create the younger players like Mason Mount. I'm happy. I just wish to check at it positively going forward.

Lampard has been linked with the Crystal Palace job. Asked if he's had any great deals, Lampard said:"Clearly not like this since I am here!

"I am certainly not put off. I really like the job, I love the challenge of it. I had two good adventures at Derby and then at Chelsea, and would love to return in at the right time and the right moment."

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