Fury's victory is a boxing carnage: "It was horrible, one-sided, superfluous"

Tyson Fury is back in the ring after retiring.

Fury's victory is a boxing carnage: "It was horrible, one-sided, superfluous"

Tyson Fury is back in the ring after retiring. The eccentric delivers the big show before and after the fight, but in the ring he is not challenged by his opponent Dereck Chisora. Fury already has bigger things in mind and makes that clear.

What a show before the fight. What a post fight show. And in between a fight that the world didn't need. In a one-sided, the word is almost too weak for what happened, duel Tyson Fury beat up his British compatriot Dereck Chisora. The 34-year-old eccentric won by technical knockout at the sold-out Tottenham Hotspur football stadium with 60,000 spectators. in the tenth round. Much too late, as ntv box expert Andreas von Thien judges. "You should have thrown in the towel much earlier. The constant banging on the bell, which can have bad consequences."

"I felt good, but I needed a few rounds because I haven't boxed since April," Fury said after successfully defending his heavyweight world championship belt. "I was able to land some really good punches. It was a pleasure to get in the ring today." Von Thien felt less of this pleasure of the exceptional boxing phenomenon when watching. "It was horrible, one-sided, superfluous. A slaughter, a beating for Chisora. A training session against a living punching bag for Fury." He, it seemed, could have easily struck down his opponent, but apparently refrained from the ultimate humiliation. With the win, Fury remains undefeated in the 34th professional fight of his career.

Fury, who has given himself the nickname "Gypsy King", had little trouble in the third encounter with his 38-year-old opponent and rarely did more than necessary. Two or three times per round he put Chisora ​​in the corner and landed a few punches, after which it usually went quickly back into the safe clinch. In round ten, the game was finally stopped - Chisora, who had tried to get into close combat in the first few minutes, was no longer able to defend himself. He tottered and staggered, but he did not fall. This bizarre spectacle was difficult for von Thien to endure. "Sure, when you're boxing you always think about the decisive blow, but that's dangerous. When you see what Chisora ​​looked like, her whole face bruised, my God, that nobody took responsibility, I can't understand that."

As bitter as the scenes in the ring were, it was just as spectacular before and after the fight. Fury had the fans on his side with an impressive show. With the football classic "It's coming home" he got the whole stadium in the best mood early on. Fury was the animator, the audience followed him. And when after the duel he summoned the Ukrainian Oleksandr Ussyk, who was present, to the ring and with wild tirades asked him to fight for a unification, the arena raged again. The Ukrainian, who holds the WBA, IBF and WBO belts, endured the verbal fireworks with a slight smile. An appointment in December had been canceled by Usyk, Chisora ​​stepped in, and the fight is now being planned for 2023.

This will be a fight that the boxing expert is also looking forward to. "Fury will have to show a lot more there, he will definitely be challenged properly." A video that was published after the duel shows how little that was the case on Saturday evening. Fury strolls in flip-flops into the cabin of his badly battered opponent. Hardly anything on his face suggests he had fought before. The two, who used to be friends and met each other with cultivated dislike for a long time, chatted casually, joked and ate burgers together.