Germany scorch Portugal in offensive masterclass to Flip Euro 2020'group of death' on its Mind

Germany scorched Portugal in the standout match of the European Championships in an offensive masterclass orchestrated by Robin Gosens with Kai Havertz offering a decisive edge.

Germany scorch Portugal in offensive masterclass to Flip Euro 2020'group of death' on its Mind

Cristiano Ronaldo collected a different album, matching Miroslav Klose as the album scorer in the Euros and World Cup united, but it could not prevent a humbling.

Germany had revealed greater aggression, offensive and objective leadership in the opening 14 minutes against Portugal than they'd during the whole defeat to France.

It appeared sure their verve will be rewarded, and sure enough, Gosens smashed in a sublime finish at the far post following a searching cross from the right.

It turned out to be a worthy way to indicate Germany's dominance, but Serge Gnabry had been fractionally offside when the ball was played made an effort for it, interfering with Rui Patricio.

VAR rightly chalked off the target and Portugal were tremendously relieved, but still completely not able to reside with Germany's blitz.

Havertz prompted Patricio into a sharp low save to the abandoned and Ruben Dias implemented a very important block to deny a Toni Kroos hiton.

Fernando Santos' guys were reduced to spectators to the Germany show and were shaping up for a hiding before a magnificent counter-attack.

Kroos delivered a corner that Cristiano cleared before cantering towards the opposite end. Bernardo Silva picked the ball up , sprinted down the right and sent a leading lofted ball in the direction of Diogo Jota.

The Liverpool forward timed his run , controlled well and then squared for Cristiano to tap into an open goal in a 14-second masterclass.

Germany were stunned, with their confidence and surety wiped out for a short time. Joshua Kimmich and Gosens were the luminaries to reestablish them. The latter's most direct, smart play scripted Nelson Semedo on Portugal's right flank and contributed to the equaliser.

In a matter of four minutes, Germany have been in control of the encounter again courtesy of play that drew two own goals.

Gosens, provided from the mesmeric Kimmich, volleyed in an inviting a cross with his left into the risk area, which Havertz attacked. Dias tried to disturb him, but ended up getting the final touch six yards out.

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