Grealish Provides message to Leeds fans amid Phillips Compliments

Jack Grealish has requested Kalvin Phillips to pass a message into the Leeds United fanbase amid praise for his performance against Croatia.

Grealish Provides message to Leeds fans amid Phillips Compliments

Grealish, consigned to the seat, could only watch as Phillips made a man-of-the-match screen to England in their opening match of the European Championships, together with director Gareth Southgate reluctant to allow the Aston Villa captain the leash off.

After finishing a training session Tuesday, concerns have been raised that Grealish had picked up an accident, but the playmaker allayed those fears in a recent interview:"I am fine.

Grealish hasn't allowed the Croatia disappointment down him, and he's been singing the praises of Phillips before Friday's clash with Scotland. He advised talkSPORT:"He is clearly quite tricky to play against, I believe that the entire Leeds staff is really due to the way they play and how that they run.

"Kalv is called a passer and a tough tackler, but in the weekend he revealed another side to his match, for if he founded the objective.

"He went beyond a few players and then cut and slid Raheem [Sterling] through.

"Clearly we see that each day in practice and we all understand exactly how great Kalvin is, therefore it does not come as any surprise for us, how he played in the weekend.

I have heard that lots of times. That is exactly what he is, is not he?"

Grealish, however, has had to have a word using all the Leeds guy on more than 1 event.

"I really don't know whether you understand, but I get totally caned by Leeds fans 24/7," he laughed.

"So I say ,'let your lovers to stop texting me Twitter, guy!' Me and Kalv have a little bit of banter about that."

He's optimistic Southgate will afford him the chance to do exactly that.

"All these are the sort of matches that I thrive off"

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