Guy Lafleur, Hockey Hall of Famer, dies at 70

Guy Lafleur, a Hockey Hall of Famer, has passed away at the age of 70. He helped the Montreal Canadiens win five Stanley Cup title in 1970s.

Guy Lafleur, Hockey Hall of Famer, dies at 70

Although the cause of Lafleur's death is not yet known, it was confirmed that she had lung cancer.

"We are deeply shocked to hear about Guy Lafleur's passing. Geoff Molson, Canadiens President, said that all members of the Canadiens organisation are "devastated" by Lafleur's passing.

"Guy Lafleur had a remarkable career. He was always simple, accessible and very close to hockey fans around the world, including the Habs, Canada, and Quebec. He allowed us to share great moments of collective pride throughout his career. He was a great player in our team and a wonderful ambassador for our sport.

Lafleur was one of the most important players his generation. He scored 518 goals and 728 assists during 14 seasons in Montreal.

The No. The No. 1 pick in 1971's NHL draft added 133 point (57 goals,76 assists) to the total of 124 playoff games.

He was nicknamed "The Flower" and retired in 1984-85. However, he returned to the New York Rangers in 1988-89. After playing the Quebec Nordiques the next two seasons, he retired.

Gary Bettman, NHL Commissioner, stated that Guy Lafleur's number and name were not necessary to be visible on his sweater. "The Flower" had the puck on his stick. Lafleur was as stylish and talented as he was. His long, blond locks swept in his wake as the Montreal Forum's ice froze, as he prepared for another puck to pass a helpless goaltender or set up a linemate to score a goal.

Lafleur was diagnosed in 2019 with lung cancer. Tumors were found by emergency quadruple bypass doctors.

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