Hank Aaron honored prior to the baseball All-Star Game

Major League Baseball honored Henry "Hank", a Braves legend, Hall of Famer, and civil rights activist before Tuesday's All-Star game in Denver. Aaron, 86, died January.

Hank Aaron honored prior to the baseball All-Star Game

Before the national anthem, a tribute video was displayed on the Coors Field board. The tribute video featured highlights from Aaron, including his 715th homer record, and honored his contributions to social and civil rights and sports.

Billye, Aaron's wife was recognized on the field and received a standing ovation. Two items were presented to her in honor of her husband: A framed Aaron jersey with each All-Star's signature along the border and a painting that depicts Aaron's life from his youth to his Hall of Fame major leaguer status.

Billye was escorted by Freddie Freeman, Braves' first baseman, and Aaron Judge, Yankees outfielder. After the gifts were presented, Freeman hugged Billye.

All players wore No. During Monday's home run derby, Aaron was honored by wearing No. 44. For the game, a "44" was also inscribed in right field.

Aaron, a 25-time All-Star pitcher, scored against Vida Blue in the 1971 All-Star match exactly 50 years ago Tuesday.

Freeman stated that he didn't believe anything we did would be enough to honour Hank Aaron, and all that he meant to baseball and the United States. "As long you keep doing what you're doing and continue to honor the man, there's no way we can ever do anything that would be sufficient to honor him.

"It was a special occasion to present No. 44. It's going be amazing. We have Hank Aaron weekend in a few weeks. Former players: Curtis Granderson, C.C. (Sabathia). It will be a wonderful event, so we hope to continue honoring him.

Hank Aaron weekend will be July 30-Aug. 1, at Truist Park. According to the Braves, the weekend will "showcase Aaron's on-and off-the-field achievements, honoring him place in baseball and his work for social, civil and human rights."

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