Hawks 116, Bucks113: Trae Young smothers defense for 48 points during Game 1 of Eastern Conference Finals

The Milwaukee Bucks survived a seven-game slugfest in round two of the NBA playoffs.

Hawks 116, Bucks113: Trae Young smothers defense for 48 points during Game 1 of Eastern Conference Finals

They will be up against another challenge in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Atlanta Hawks, a postseason contender, rode Trae Young's brilliant performance to win Game 1 against the Bucks at Fiserv Forum.

Young, who has been a great star in these playoffs, ended with 48 points after shooting 17-for-24. He had 11 assists and seven rebound. He was a frequent player in the paint, which made it difficult for the Bucks to defend.

Bucks guard Jrue Holiday stated, "He's an amazing young player." He can jump over half court and is a danger from any position on the floor. We need to figure out how to rush him and get him to take contested shots.

Young, a 22-year old guard, has inspired a Hawks team that was 14-20 as of February 28. Atlanta, fifth-seeded, has won six games on the road during the playoffs. They defeated the New York Knicks in the first round and the Philadelphia 76ers the second.

Young stated that Young was very focused and locked in when it came to preparing for his opponent. We didn't win a high seed so we have to go on the road and steal it. You can surprise them in Game 1. You can see that we are focused on detail when it comes to the other side of the game, judging by the way we have been playing.

Holiday and Giannis Antetokounmpo combined for 67 points. However, fellow Bucks star Khris Midton couldn’t find his shooting stroke consistently and scored just 15.

Antetokounmpo shot 28 for 50 and Holiday shot 19 for 57. Middleton was 6 for 23 and missed all nine of his attempts from the three-point line. The Bucks struggled to play from long distance in the playoffs, going just 8/36 in Game 1.

Middleton stated, "Just got to get better." It's that simple. Play-making, all that stuff. It's just got to get better.

Young used a variety of floaters to trouble the Bucks' defense. Young scored eight of Atlanta’s first 10 points, and finished the quarter with 12.

Both teams were unable to score from long distance after a seven-game second round series. In the first quarter, the Hawks lost 1 of 10 games and the Bucks only 2 of 11.

Bobby Portis, a Bucks forward who didn't play in the Nets series' final three games, checked in to the game to nice applause from home fans at the 4:55 mark. Holiday provided a nice assist and Portis made a layup. He also hit a three pointer to give the Bucks some lift.

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