How Can BJJ Help Your Kid If He Is Being Bullied?

Raising a child is a full-time job, you need to make sure they are well fed and getting the right kind of education

How Can BJJ Help Your Kid If He Is Being Bullied?

Raising a child is a full-time job, you need to make sure they are well fed and getting the right kind of education. However, regardless of everything that you do, there are few times in your life when you ask yourself, what are you doing wrong as a parent? One of the major reasons parents get depressed and start to question their parenting is when they get to know about bullying. According to stats, more than 20% of the kids between ages 12 to 18 get bullied at school annually. As a result of bullying, most kids become uninterested in education and even leave school altogether. If we see the long term issues, these kids develop low self-esteem, poor mental health, emotional issues, and even criminal records. In short, if you are seeing your child getting angry and frustrated at small things, he is probably getting bullied at his school. According to teachers and school management, in most cases when the child goes through bullying, he likes to stay at home which means lower grades, less attendance, and a sense of vulnerability leading to major misconduct issues if they find solace in bad company. All these things collectively can make your child weak which can result in juvenile delinquency as well. A simple answer to bullying can be empowering your child. You don’t want to push him towards some extracurricular activities and sports that will not help him in self-defense instead, you need to choose wisely. You don’t even have to spend too much, all your child needs is a good BJJ suit and his instructor.

Most child psychologists feel it is alright for a child to know a few tricks that can help him defend himself. This will create a sense of achievement, build confidence and empathy in young adults and kids. Most teenagers want to stand up against the bully but they are not equipped enough to handle the situation, which just pushes them to a point that they submit very easily to the situation. If you are relying on the management and teachers, you need to know that management cannot monitor everyone and every situation so it is up to you and your kid. Apart from self-defense, if you want to help yourself, teach him Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Your child will not only learn discipline in his life, but you will also see positive changes in him very soon.

If you are still debating about the consequences and if this is the right thing to do, here are a few things that can help you make the right choice and right decision.

Standing Up For Others

Brazilian jiu-jitsu has evolved from the adoption of Japanese jiu-jitsu that teaches a better lifestyle. With this style, your child will not only learn how to defend himself but also learn the art of empathy. Which means he will also learn how to stand up for others. This kind of martial arts is especially good for kids because BJJ favors the small and weak. Unlike other styles of martial arts, your kid will be learning a good way to defend himself and will favor him as he will develop the flexibility that will help him improve the metabolism as well. Even if he is not wearing his BJJ pants, he will still have the skill to defend his peers and friends.

Better Lifestyle

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a complete lifestyle change and you will see this in your child as well. He will start eating healthy and will also opt for healthier choices in everything. Most Brazilian jiu-jitsu instructors believe waking up early and going to bed early is a great lifestyle because you are exhausting your negative energy while practicing. This is the same reason kids who learn the art of Brazilian jiu-jitsu at a young age also get better at selecting their friends. In short, you are investing in the future of your child because you will see him making the right choice when it comes to building relationships as well as selecting friends.

Healthy Social Circle

Your social circle says a lot about you, which means if your child is strong and less vulnerable he will be making the right kind of choices. Additionally, he will be practicing for 3-4 days along with other kids, which will create a lifelong brotherhood bond. Your child will have a better environment where he will learn to make friends and learn to differentiate between rights at wrong with a strong intention to defend himself and the ones in need.

Better Bodily Control

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is an ideal art to help the young ones develop better coordination between mind and body. It is also known as human chess, which means your child will learn a better way of solving the puzzles which will improve the overall problem-solving skills. Apart from all this, he will also get better in education because BJJ has proved to be great for mind development and overall brain health.

Better Immunity

BJJ is a complete workout and lifestyle plan that will instill a healthy lifestyle in your child. You will also observe that his immunity is getting far better and he is recovering fast in case he gets ill. Additionally, you will also observe he has better immunity as compared to the rest of the kids of his age.

Date Of Update: 24 December 2020, 15:37

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