How much are Austin McBroom and Bryce Hall getting paid for their YouTubers vs. TikTokers battle?

If a week's Mayweather-Paul battle was a circus, what's this week's YouTubers vs. TikTokers card?

How much are Austin McBroom and Bryce Hall getting paid for their YouTubers vs. TikTokers battle?

Boxing returns to Hard Rock Stadium on Saturday, although maybe boxing needs to be in quote marks.

The most important event for your card features Austin McBroom facing off against Bryce Hall. The PPV card may cost $49.99 and plenty of tickets are available for those looking to see this in person. Irrespective of PPV sales, it appears both fighters will create some serious money for confronting off.

Hall submitted a film of what appears to be a struggle contract which indicates he will make $5 million to the fight. Later, in an interview posted on TikTok, Hall said he is getting the $5 million appearance fee plus 4% of PPV sales, along with a $1 million bonus if he knocks out McBroom.

McBroom has not provided as much detail, although he did confirm some of Hall's advice in a meeting with The Hollywood Fix. McBroom said if he gets knocked out, he'll pay Hall's $1 million knockout bonus from his own pocket. In another interview, Hall suggested he would cover a $1 million knockout incentive to McBroom if the latter scored the KO.

It is surely a profitable time to be a societal media influencer. A week ago, Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul fought for eight rounds and made a few serious change for that which wasn't exactly a compelling fight. We saw some snippets of activity here and there, but much of the struggle involved Mayweather dancing his way out of Paul's extended reach.

For all that, both fighters came away earning large chunks of change. Mayweather reportedly took home $10 million to showing up plus 50 percent of PPV sales while Paul claimed $250,000 for his look and 10% of PPV earnings. The card is expected to split the 1 million earnings mark. At $49.99 that is roughly $50 million in sales, so Mayweather claimed another $25 million and Paul claimed an additional $5 million. Insert from the ticket sales and ridiculous amount of advertisements, and the two fighters came off in solid financial shape.

It is certainly quite a time to be an influencer...

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