"I love Ronaldo, but ...": Kahn (almost) moderates wild superstar rumors

The rumors about Cristiano Ronaldo and a move to Bayern are persistent.

"I love Ronaldo, but ...": Kahn (almost) moderates wild superstar rumors

The rumors about Cristiano Ronaldo and a move to Bayern are persistent. Despite all denials from Munich. Now club boss Oliver Kahn follows up again and explains the reasons. Englishman Harry Kane is also not (yet) an issue for the record champions.

The really big emotions stayed away, there were no farewell tears at the end of the glorious era of world footballer Robert Lewandowski. The top scorer jetted to his wife and children in Spain, from there it should go on to FC Barcelona in Miami. After the far-reaching break, the bosses of FC Bayern looked to the future with hunger for the title. "We know very well what we owe to Robert, but big players have left FC Bayern in the past and the world of Bayern didn't fall apart after that," explained Munich CEO Oliver Kahn. "On the contrary, it was often even more successful."

But how now? Good question. First answer. Not with Cristiano Ronaldo. And not with Harry Kane for the time being either. A short-term engagement of the Englishman as Lewandowski's successor is obviously not an issue for Kahn. "He's under contract with Tottenham. Sure, an absolute top striker, but that's all a dream of the future," said the former national goalkeeper of "Bild am Sonntag" and added: "Now we have to see the squad for the current one get the season together. Let's see what else happens."

Cristiano Ronaldo does not seem to be in Bayern's focus either. "I love Cristiano Ronaldo and everyone knows what a fantastic player he is. But every club has a certain philosophy and I'm not sure if it would be the right signal for Bayern and the Bundesliga if we let him now would get," said Kahn. "Such a change does not necessarily fit with the ideas that we are pursuing here at Bayern." There has long been speculation about Ronaldo, Kane and Bayern.

A classic nine-man replacement for Lewandowski, who moved to FC Barcelona, ​​is currently not the top priority for Bayern. Such top strikers would be Karim Benzema from Real Madrid or Kane from Tottenham Hotspur. Kane still has a contract with the Premier League club until 2024. A transfer this summer would be difficult or almost impossible to implement from Bayern due to the financial aspects, the “kicker” had recently reported and the English national striker as Bayern access for the brought into play the following season - before Lewandowski's departure. Bayern had already positioned themselves on the 37-year-old Ronaldo several times – but the rumors about the superstar from Portugal, who is still under contract with Manchester United, persist.

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