If the Bruins Re-Sign Taylor Hall?

Last night brought immense pain for the Boston Bruins. Respect is justified for how challenging the New York Islanders played for this. But it appears like the roughest days are just beginning for the Bruins, as they have a plethora of unanswered questions heading into this off-season.

If the Bruins Re-Sign Taylor Hall?

There are some substantial names that they could lose to free service. Arguably their steady left-handed defenseman, Mike Reilly, may have also played his last game with the Bruins. But, possibly the most intriguing name of this group is the group's other trade deadline pickup, Taylor Hall.

The former Hart Trophy winner struggled immensely with the Sabres this year, but really turned his game around in Boston. In fact, in 16 regular-season games with the Bruins, he managed to compile eight goals and 14 points. Every game he was extremely noticeable, too, as he would help lead the charge and spark the second-line from the process.

However, the postseason wasn't especially strong because of him. This was especially the case from the Islanders. He had been held off the scoresheet that the huge majority of this moment, which had been the complete reverse of his initial play with the team. Although he's expressed a desire to signal a lasting bargain on multiple occasions, currently there are some red flags.

Ultimately, signing Hall is something that could be spectacular for the group, in theory. He is such an entertaining player to watch, as he has the capability to make offense happen each and every shift. However, if he is anticipating $8 million like this season, it is in the Bruins' best interest to proceed.

But if he is ready to take less money to stay at Boston, it absolutely should be contemplated. Hall is the best second-line left winger the Bruins have experienced since Milan Lucic's consecutive days. Additionally, it will be enticing to find out what he would be in a position to do during a complete year with the club. But, there's absolutely no way he can make over core gamers like Brad Marchand and David Pastrnak.

If this marks the end of Hall's tenure in Boston, however, it can be deemed as an excellent one. The Bruins gave up almost nothing to obtain his services, and he provided some fantastic moments in the procedure. It's simply a pity that his period ended in a disappointing manner.

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