Illinois Golf: Elite 8 is at reach for this Profound Illini App

Illinois took a three-round full of 844, that was good enough to land them fourth straight behind No. 3 Oklahoma State, No. 1 Oklahoma and No. 10 Arizona State, in this order. This three-round +4 revealing by the Illini also acquired them in the top 15, and that's exactly what they had to progress to day .

Illinois Golf: Elite 8 is at reach for this Profound Illini App

Now the Illini are on Monday, they're hoping to progress to match play Tuesday and Wednesday using a top-eight finish. Following the playoff for the last place, the top 15 teams will be vying for the top eight. As of right now, the best eight will be in +13.

Illinois is well within the top eight, because they sit +4 for the championship. A good round Monday must get Illinois to the match play portion, which has ever been the bugaboo in preceding decades.

Who to find your Illinois golf team was doing well?
As a team, Illinois is playing well and gets got the fourth-best score on the path during three rounds.

After a rough start to his national name, Feagles rebounded exceptionally well with back-to-back 67s. Both of these great rounds has him -4 for the championship and in a tie for fifth location.

However, let's not dismiss what the additional Illini golfers do on the program. Jerry Ji has played some superb golf. He's -2 through three rounds and at a tie for 10th location. Adrien Dumont de Chassart did not begin well but has started to get things glued together with his past two rounds at par. He's +4 for the championship and in a tie for 28th location.

Tommy Kuhl is not too much back of Adrien, since he's been consistent with a three-round full of +6 and at a tie for 41st. Giovanni Tadiotto is not having a fantastic championship, sitting in a tie for 109th using a three-round full of +14. But that's precisely what I adore about this Illini team. If one player is down, the remainder of the staff is there to pick up him.

This Illini group has so much depth. While Tadiotto is not playing nicely, the other four are helping and clicking propel the Orange and Blue to great heights. With the thickness Illinois brings to the table this season, I genuinely feel that is their chance to win everything.

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