Jonathan Majors: Michael B. Jordan is Making Creed 3 more Intimate

Jonathan Majors, Michael B. Jordan’s Creed III star, said that the movie would have a more intimate feeling with Jordan as the director.

Jonathan Majors: Michael B. Jordan is Making Creed 3 more Intimate

According to Jonathan Majors, his movie star, Michael B. Jordan plans to take Creed III in an entirely new direction. He wants it to feel more intimate. Jordan has been Adonis Creed's star since 2015. It was the seventh Rocky film produced. Creed is the son Rocky's rival Apollo Creed. He decides to try lightweight boxing, and hires Rocky Balboa (his father's old enemy) as his trainer. Creed II continues the story with Creed taking on Ivan Drago's son, Apollo. The story ultimately revolves around familial reconciliation and respecting one's dad.

Creed II and Creed II featured Sylvester Stallone playing Rocky Balboa in Creed II. However, it was announced that Stallone would not be returning to Creed III. Stallone posted an Instagram post indicating that he was ending his role as Rocky Balboa in Creed II. Stallone, who helmed four of the six Rocky movies, has left the series. There is now space for a new director. Michael B. Jordan made his directorial debut with Creed III.

According to Jordan, the director of Creed III, he will make some changes to the franchise. NME spoke with Jonathan Majors, second lead in the film. He discussed Jordan's vision. Majors stated that he and Jordan had discussed the direction for Creed III in detail and that the film might show a different side to Creed.

Majors could be referring to the relationship between Creed and Jordan's character, Adonis Creed. The relationship between Creed's enemies and Creed in previous Creed films has been primarily focused on Creed only in the ring. Creed used his fists to solve his problems. Majors and Jordan seem to have reached an agreement that their characters will not be categorized as enemy/hero in the newest sequel. Majors said that he would play more than a villain.

The perfect time to give the Creed series a new direction is now that Rocky has left Stallone's screen. Jordan stated that Rocky's spirit will never be lost, but that the Creed series might one day stand alone with its own stories, concepts, and characters. The series appears to be on the right track with Jordan as its cameraman, providing fresh perspectives and ideas. Although not much information is available about Creed III's plot, it appears that it will be an original and interesting take on the movies beloved by Jordan, a veteran actor but a freshman director.

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