Katie Ledecky shows dominance, poise in U.S. Olympics swim trials

In about 60 minutes, Katie Ledecky was able to do a number of things. She also won the 200-meter freestyle title (1:55:11), gathered her gold medal in the ceremony and gave a brief pool-side press conference (where she joked she could not form words since she had been warming up to another race). Then she walked out to the pool to thundering Omaha applause. It was just like watching a totally choreographed dance.

Katie Ledecky shows dominance, poise in U.S. Olympics swim trials

She was a veteran winner, but she was going to do something brand new and exciting -- she had been going to get involved in the introduction 1,500-meter freestyle event in the U.S. Olympic trials.

Ledecky had a calmness about her, as she had done this a thousand times. And in a sense, she's. She possesses the 11 fastest 1,500-meter free occasions in the background of this function.

From the 1,500-meter freestyle U.S. Olympic swim trials, Ledecky dominated the raceand if she touched at 15:40:50, not one other swimmer was around the monitor. Ledecky's 15:40:50 end time was the fastest in the world this season.

After Ledecky exited the pool with qualified for the third occasion (400-meter freestyle, 200-meter freestyle and 1,500-meter freestyle) -- just two in under 90 minutes Wednesday -- there wasn't any over-the-top response, only a grin and a thumbs up. In the medal ceremony, she beamed and waved after getting her gold medal, which makes the whole day resemble a cake walk.

"The guys have experienced a mile in the Olympics because 1908... and today we have finally got you," she stated in the pool-side media interview. "I am simply thankful we have the moment, that is a wonderful measure," she added in the post-event summit.

Ledecky came here in order to establish a point.

Following a blistering start by adolescent Bella Sims, Ledecky retreated away, completing at 1:55:11, maybe not her strongest performance by way (Australia's Ariarne Titmus submitted a far greater time -- 1:53:09 -- from the Australian Olympic Trials compared ).

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