Little League Baseball coach and his wife were sued by 8 Texas boys for sexual assault.

Adam and Miranda Isaacks are married and are accused of grooming the players they coached. According to the lawsuit, Adam Isaacks abused boys for many years.

Little League Baseball coach and his wife were sued by 8 Texas boys for sexual assault.

Eight families from Texas sued Little League Baseball Inc. on Wednesday, alleging that a coach allowed their players to be groomed before sexually assaulting them over many years.

The lawsuit also names Adam Isaacks as a coach and league President, and Miranda Isaacks as an assistant coach. According to the suit filed Monday, the Isaacks were accused of grooming the children in their role as Little League Baseball coaches in Jasper County. This is about 25 miles north from Beaumont.

In the federal lawsuit in the U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Texas, the victims and their families weren't identified.

Adam Isaacks was charged with indecency and sexual assault with minors. He was arrested by NBC affiliate KMBT Beaumont. His bonds amount to $6.5 million, which include both Jasper County and Sabine County charges. He is currently being held at Jasper County Jail.


Isaacks was confirmed by a representative from Jasper County Jail. It wasn't immediately clear if Isaacks or his wife had legal representation. Miranda Isaacks was not reached.

The lawsuit states that the plaintiffs are survivors and victims of childhood sexual assault, molestation, and abuse at the hands their Little League Baseball Coach, Adam Isaacks. "The abuse began when some minor plaintiffs were only 7 and 8 years of age and continued for many years until they reached the age of 11 or 12.

According to the suit, the Isaacks were able abuse their position due to Little League Baseball's lack of supervision and training.

According to the lawsuit, "All such grooming took place under the authority and control of Little League Baseball." "Defendants failed enforce safety precautions to protect against the foreseeable danger of sexual assault within the context of Little League Baseball." The defendants failed to fulfill their obligations and implement safety awareness education and training to protect minor Plaintiffs.

Little League Baseball stated Tuesday that it was aware of "unfortunate allegations" involving a former volunteer. However, Little League International did not offer any additional comment due to the pending lawsuit.

The suit outlines the alleged grooming by Adam Isaaks to his wife in order to satisfy "his deviant pleasure."

"This grooming campaign also included inviting minor Plaintiffs to go on overnight and sleepovers with coach Miranda, assistant coach Miranda, and other team members such as camping, riding in recreational vehicles, or hunting trips with him."

According to the suit, the Isaacks had sex toys and pornography in their home and at the hunting club where they exposed children to it. The suit claims that Adam Isaacks provided alcohol or drugged minors, making them vulnerable, impaired, or unconscious during the attacks.

According to the suit, the married couple tried to win over their children's parents. According to the suit, they purchased pink jerseys for each boy that featured the names of their mothers on the back.

According to the suit, Little League Baseball was a "big company." The suit highlighted a TV contract with ABC and ESPN that runs through 2022. It earns the organization over $9 million annually.

According to the lawsuit, financial records also showed that Little League Baseball had more than $32 Million in revenue in 2018-2019 and more than $22 Million in 2020. This was because the pandemic affected Little League Baseball.

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