Los Angeles' unruly crowd disperses after Super Bowl

In downtown Los Angeles, a crowd celebrating the Rams' Super Bowl win set off illegal fireworks and jumped on cars to damage three transit buses Sunday night.

Los Angeles' unruly crowd disperses after Super Bowl

According to a Monday statement, police issued dispersal orders and brought in many officers. They fired "less-lethal" shots at those who refused to leave.

According to the statement, "This crowd took control of the streets and became violently and boisterous."

After a loaded firearm was discovered, officers stopped a car that was driving in circles at an intersection.

Police said that there were 19 cases of vandalism in the city, three Metro buses included. Police said at least one driver was still in a bus, while vandals climbed on top of the bus and spray-painted "Rams House” across the windows.

Around 60 people were taken into custody, but they were all released once they had agreed to leave the area. There were no arrests or injuries.

Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies also dispersed the crowd in East Los Angeles where one person was killed during a gathering at an intersection. According to Shawn O'Donnell, sheriff's lieutenant, the victim was a male and is now in stable condition.

According to police, there were no arrests made in Inglewood (the home of SoFi Stadium), where the Super Bowl was held.


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