Luis Enrique: Tragedy and ruthlessness Supporting Spain Director's Travel to Euro 2020

Back in June 2019, under a year after taking over as Spain supervisor, Luis Enrique declared he'd be leaving for personal reasons. It was later demonstrated that his cherished daughter Xana had contracted bone cancer, and her passing two weeks later, aged nine, put everything in view.

Luis Enrique: Tragedy and ruthlessness Supporting Spain Director's Travel to Euro 2020

He arrived off WhatsApp since he didn't need to share his feelings with many, but kept in contact with all the Spanish Soccer Federation throughout.

His position has been full of long-time colleague Robert Moreno, a guy who'd been with him since the beginning of his training profession, in Barcelona B at 2008.

Moreno took over with Euro 2020 eligibility already under way and directed the team to an unbeaten effort. Subsequently, five months after declaring his temporary death, Luis Enrique returned.

Moreno had stated that he would"step aside" because of his buddy whenever he wished to return, but it was far from a smooth transition.

Both men fell out. Luis Enrique was reinstated - and immediately dismissed Moreno.

It's said that, in a meeting, Luis Enrique captured the impression their synergy had vanished, their intentions were different today, that Moreno could no more be his helper. In a media conference, he stated Moreno had desired to remain in control for Euro 2020, which such a petition was disloyal.

"Moreno worked hard with this and that he is quite ambitious, and it is a quality I respect very much," he explained from the press conference marking his return. "Nevertheless, I think his actions had been disloyal because I would not do this and that I need nobody in my team using these traits."

Moreno, Luis Enrique believed, had dropped on the wrong side of this line.

However, Spain's supervisor is a far more intricate character than can seem. His public character - shaped by his times torturous stand-offs together with all the press - is in stark contrast to the way he's seen by those nearest to him.

Life has struck Luis Enrique hard and, even whilst no one can see the pain people carry in them, he's not lost his enthusiasm or favorable prognosis. The motto is"Be braver than ever before."

There's a joke that where Luis Enrique has coached, the nerve-wracking, lung-bursting, time-management coaching sessions that he conducted would always demonstrate the fittest member of this squad was really the director himself.

They breed them hard in the mountainous terrain of Asturias, that intimidating and gorgeous land where he had been born and raised, on Spain's northern shore.

And it goes far beyond football.

In 2007, he finished the Frankfurt Ironman obstacle - a 2.4-mile swim, a 118-mile cycle along with a complete marathon. The next year, he conducted the mythical Marathon de Sables, a 155-mile race days at the Sahara desert.

However, it could be an error to believe this obsession defines his training style. That is a manifestation of his abundant footballing education.

Regardless of winning a league title as well as the Spanish cup at the funds, he never felt loved by Madrid's lovers or direction - and therefore in 1996, left for arch-rivals Barcelona on a free transfer.

It was only going to become a matter of time until he moved into training. For five decades, he'd shared the Blaugrana shifting room with Pep Guardiola. They had a particular connection and could talk soccer for hours, discussions that helped shape their eyesight of an evolved fashion according to Johan Cruyff's Barcelona.

After Luis Enrique was in the running for that which could have been his first managerial job - in small Nastic p Tarragona, currently in the next tier however a La Liga side in 2006-07 - he'd pencilled in Guardiola because his second-in-command, however ultimately was not given the function.

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