Matthew Stafford, Rams, to pay the hospital bills of the photographer who was injured at Super Bowl parade

Kelly Smiley, a photographer, was standing in front Stafford and his wife at Super Bowl parade. When she fell off a platform, Kelly Smiley was also there.

Matthew Stafford, Rams, to pay the hospital bills of the photographer who was injured at Super Bowl parade

Matthew Stafford, Los Angeles Rams quarterback, and his wife have announced that they will cover the medical costs of a photographer who fell from a stage during the Super Bowl victory parade.

Kelly Smiley, a photographer standing in front of the couple to take their photo, took a step back to get her shot. According to Spectrum News video footage and provided to NBC's Today show, she fell off the stage.

The fall video went viral on social media. Matthew Stafford was criticized for appearing to walk away while Kelly, his wife, ran to the edge to check on him.

The Staffords and Rams released a statement saying that they had been in contact with Kelly Smiley since the incident yesterday and were sorry for the circumstances. We told Kelly that we would cover all her hospital bills as well as replacing her cameras. We wish her speedy recovery."

According to GoFundMe, Smiley also fractured her spine and broke her camera gear.

Tim Kothlow, the organizer, wrote that Kelly is grateful and overwhelmed by all the love and support she has received. "Kelly was discharged from the hospital. She is now resting at home. The fundraiser will be stopped until further information is available.

Smiley was not able to reach "TODAY" for comment.

It happened on Wednesday, just south of downtown L.A.'s Super Bowl victory parade .

Some people were critical of Stafford’s response to Smiley's fall as the video began to circulate online.
"Rams QB Matt Stafford watches a female photographer fall from a platform. Stafford's wife reacts in horror and looks down. Stafford then casually and indifferently turns his head and walks, always sipping water.
#ClasslessJerk" One user tweeted.
After witnessing a woman fracture her back and fall, what quarterback leaves? Matt Stafford, another
tweeter, asked for a friend.

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