McGregor v. Poirier 3: 'UFC 264' loss could be McGregor's end

"Conor and I need to do it a third time. We owe each other this. "

McGregor v. Poirier 3: 'UFC 264' loss could be McGregor's end

Dustin Poirier was able to resist the temptation of settling the scores with McGregor, after avenging his loss to McGregor in January 2014.

The number one-ranked lightweight will now complete his trio with UFC 264's former two-weight world champion

John Gooden, commentator, was joined by Nick Peet, a broadcaster from the BBC and Jack Shore, a Welsh UFC fighter to talk about a fight that "could signal Conor McGregor's end".

Peet stated that it could break the UFC pay per-view record. "People are buying into the possibility that Conor may be his last dance."

"If he loses he is out of contention to compete for the UFC lightweight title.

"And those outside of the sport, the casual supporters that tune in just to Conor, if he were to lose back-toback, his star will certainly dim." "

What has McGregor done since the rematch with McGregor?

After a heated fight at featherweight between McGregor and Poirier, it was an entirely different story at Abu Dhabi's Fight Island.

Both men showed mutual respect. Peet observed Conor, a "new, calm, and collected Conor" who was walking around "without any care in the world".

He said, "There wasn't any animosity in his character, he seemed so relaxed." "I believe he was a little too calm and collected once he entered the Octagon."

"But which Conor McGregor version is this?" This guy can reinvent himself so many times! "

McGregor spent his time on Fight Island, living on a yacht with his loved ones. McGregor has now left his family in Ireland to train at a California gym.

Shore said, "He looks like the old McGregor." Shore said that he has gone to the mountains and is now isolated. We have not seen much behind the scenes. It's all very secretive.

"I have a lot more anticipation for the next one because I don't know who Conor will be. "

The Irishman's bravado and trash talk are back.

Gooden said, "He's such a good writer and he's so skilled with mental warfare that it seems that you're missing something."

This week, 'the Notorious’ claimed that Poirier's wife Jolie called him on social media. They chanted "Jolie’s wife" at Poirier during the pre-fight press conference.

Shore said, "He's turning up the heat." These are tactics that we have seen him use before. It worked against Poirier, and against Jose Aldo (and Eddie Alvarez).

"If it gives Dustin the chance to get inside his head and make him feel a little emotional, then he should try it. It's hard to say how effective it will be after a loss to the same guy. "

Poirier, who was oblivious to McGregor's media circus, executed his game plan exactly as he had planned in January.

McGregor's left leg was broken by a series of calf kicks. Poirier grabbed an opening and knocked him out in round 2.

Peet said that he had probably overlooked Dustin Poirier. Peet said that he was looking past him, and lined up a fight against Manny Pacquiao.

McGregor's circus is unlike any other. It's all part and parcel of the game.

"He has to play mind games with Poirier before Poirier rings the first bell. That's how he wins his first round. "

What is at stake for McGregor and Poirier?

Poirier declined the chance to fight for the vacant lightweight title. Charles Oliveira won the belt against Michael Chandler in May.

Instead of taking a lucrative "rubber match" with McGregor, Poirier gambled that he would challenge Oliveira by 2021.

Shore said that although he would like to believe he chose the fight for the world-title, the amount of money he will make will likely provide a good life for his grandkids and family.

Peet said, "It's such an gamble for Poirier." "Would he ever be able to fight for the belt again if he loses?" "

Gooden responded: "I think that he's done enough already so that he wouldn’t go right at the back of the line." "

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