Montana Fouts Throws a Fantastic Game Against the Defending Champs

Kaylee Tow strokes a three run home run for another round WCWS triumph over UCLA.

Montana Fouts Throws a Fantastic Game Against the Defending Champs

Montana Fouts picked up right where she left off on Thursday with the other dominating attempt... only better! On her 21st birthday, the Alabama genius created history with an ideal match no-hitter, the earliest in WCWS history as 2000. Stop and consider what she's done. This is not Auburn or Kentucky from the other dugout. It is a Group of All-Americans and US Olympic players. And not one of these reached foundation. Fouts struck out 14 Bruins en route for her 27th win of the year.

The Crimson Tide did exactly what they do best and that's get on the scoreboard early. Another apparently capable defense brushed under the rate and smarts of this Bama foundation running. Alexis Mack made it began with one and a stolen base. For some strange reason, UCLA attracted their outfielders into Small League thickness and Bailey Hemphill climbed into the wall to score Mack. Following a groundout, Jenna Johnson would only in Hemphill to get an early 2-0 lead.

The score remained that way until the fifth inning when Mack singled, Hemp walkedand Kaylee Tow smashed a ball into the deepest aspect of the playground to push the score to 5-0. It was just the fourth round-tripper given up by Rachel Garcia annually.

With runners on second and third in the first day, Elissa Brown struck on a slapper to base. As opposed to throw house, the Bruin decided to label Brown out letting Savannah Woodard to evaluate the first time run of the evening. Now, UCLA's Garcia was raised from the match. She struck out just three.

For the uninitiated, this segment is for observations. Some good, some awful. But, it has been a whole lotta good recently.

The ideal game was just the fifth in WCWS history together with the previous example coming in 2000. Another few times happened in the 1980s when faculty softball was in its infancy. The very first Crimson Tide softball year was in 1997.
Alabama's win streak now stands in 20 games. Inside this postseason, the Tide has conquered the regular season champions of this Pac-12, the ACC, along with the SEC.
Fouts operation was the 22nd time this year she listed double strikeouts.
The USOC may seriously need to consider taking Fouts into Tokyo. She's pitching on a different degree. I believe at the time, Patrick Murphy only wanted to have Fouts back into the group, therefore Tide batters were taught to swing off.
On two occasions, the Bruins defense didn't discipline balls which they believed would roll filthy. Both remained fair for strikes. It's wonderful the way Bama runners may get from the minds of the opponents.
Fouts obtained her necklace tied in her mask several times. The very first time, Hemphill came out it. The next time it had been Maddie Morgan. That in itself isn't too interesting. When Morgan went back into her place at dawn, the camera focused on her and you will see her teammates which there was just one outside. It's small things like this makes her a fan favorite about RBR. In case you've followed the Tide all season, you might recall earlier in the summer there were several infield gaffes of pitching into the wrong base while Morgan was at the dugout.
KB Sides hit the ball hard but came up empty at the hit section.
IMHO, the umpire behind the plate known as a fairly reasonable and consistent match for the two pitchers. But he sure allow UCLA enjoy lots of mound visits and take as long as they desired.
Beth Mowins is the very excruciatingly annoying announcer on TV. She's this notion that she needs to fill each minute of a broadcast along with her voice - even though she's only repeating herself that she frequently does. I can not envision what executives in ESPN heard her call a match and stated"YES! We have to have her! "
Another complaint about the four-letter system is that their propensity to place the match on hold to ensure Holly Rowe can request the coaches dull questions together with coachspeak answers. Perform ****ing ball!
In the close of the match, Rowe interviewed Fouts and believed it necessary to stand 20 feet off while performing it. Smh
If you aren't seeing this group, what are you waiting for! This time, the victim was another"house team" Oklahoma State. She went the distance to get the win and also made a spectacular play in the seventh inning to preserve the 2-1 success.

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