Namath Eager for Wilson, States Jets fans'deserve' a Name

Joe Namath has discovered the issue for several years. Decades, actually.

Namath Eager for Wilson, States Jets fans'deserve' a Name

However, until somebody -- and New York expects it will be Wilson -- leads back the franchise into the Super Bowl for first time since it won its only name in 1969, Namath will still continue to be the measuring rod for each Jets QB.

"Well, I am thankful," that the 78-year-old Professional Football Hall of Famer said in a phone interview with The Associated Press. "I thank God daily, several days, because of my health, my loved ones, my family's wellbeing. And for the Jets lovers, guy, it is about a tournament. I was on a group that answered the struggle and we do it. Yes, I was the man that managed the ball a great deal and I am flattered each time they recall that. But we did it all together.

They surely have waited a very long time for a different one. They would first like to see that the Jets at least make the match and then snap a 10-season drought that's the busiest skid from the NFL.

New York believed it had its own quarterback for another 10 or 15 years after it exchanged up and drafted Sam Darnold No. 3 total in 2018. That fantasy faded only 3 decades after when the Jets dealt him into the Panthers. Additionally, it cleared the way for New York to shoot Wilson, who is the newest to become anointed the second -- possibly, maybe, hopefully -- Namath.

"I have not had the joy of meeting and speaking with him, so it is difficult to attempt and evaluate somebody without bending down and visiting together, discussing and seeing the way they function, listening to them, exchanging verbiage.

"But to me, what I have watched of him or on tv, oh yeah, man, he is an athlete. He gets the shouts, he moves about. A talented athlete."

The guy who left the most well-known assurance in sports history was not going to make some bold declarations about Wilson, however. Namath understands the former BYU celebrity will have tons of pressure .

Therefore, when asked what information he would share with Wilson, Namath knew precisely what he would tell him.

"It would not be any regrets regarding being in New York or within this current market," he explained. "It could be: Get your head on the group, on the strategy and also find out as much about the crime as much concerning the conflicting defense. Only eat, sleep and drink football until you're totally convinced you are prepared for whatever you are faced with on this area."

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