NBA Draft: Jaden Springser could be the Sixers' sixth man

It looks quite curious from the outside. The Philadelphia 76ers took another one-and-done guard in the NBA Draft. What's so unique about Tennessee basketball backcourt scorer Jaden Springer, who went to Philly as the 28th overall pick, that Shake Milton doesn't already bring to the table?

NBA Draft: Jaden Springser could be the Sixers' sixth man

There's another key player in this story: Danny Green. Green is an unrestricted, free agent and it seems that the Sixers will part ways with him. Given the drama with Ben Simmons, Green would be wise to remain in Philly.

The Sixers could make Milton (6'5'', 205 lbs) their starting line-up at the three by taking Green out. Seth Curry would stay at the two and, assuming he stays at the one, Seth Curry would also remain at the one. Even if Curry leaves, Curry could transfer to the other, Milton could move to both, and the Sixers could locate a wing.

Springer's selection in the NBA Draft indicates that they are searching for a sixth-man. Philly will need to be able to score off the bench if Milton is promoted to the starting lineup.

At 6'4'' and 204 pounds, Springer could be a key player for Philly. Although he only averaged 12.5 point per game last year, that was due to the ball being spread among many people. This included shooting 43.5 percent from three-point range and 81 percent from free throws.

This, combined with the fact that Springer's mid-range is his strongest area of the game, makes him a complete scorer. This is exactly what the Sixers need next season with Green gone. They will be losing a little defensively but Simmons staying is the key to their offense.

It is also worth noting the Sixers' decision to draft Springer in the NBA Draft. This means that they now have two former Vols, who were five-star recruits. Tobias Harris has three more years on his contract. If Josh Richardson (who played in 2019-2020 for them), wasn't traded before last year, they could have had three.

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