NBA Trade Deadline Report: Will Mavs Be 'Left Wanting?'

The Dallas Mavericks have not reached a deal before the NBA trade deadline. Is it possible that they will get something done?

NBA Trade Deadline Report: Will Mavs Be 'Left Wanting?'

There were many notable moves around the league before the deadline for trades. The Dallas Mavericks are yet to join the action.

The Mavericks have limited options at the moment. Kristaps Porzingis and Tim Hardaway Jr. do not have favorable contracts. They are limited in sending first-round picks up to 2025, and they lack many young prospects.

Matt Moore from Action Network says that the Mavericks may be "left wanting" at the trade deadline if the team doesn't want to "up the ante".

Dallas will likely be left without a deadline. They are currently too strong - fifth in West - to cause major disruptions. Their own assets continue to outperform the market. Moore wrote. Moore wrote: "That's not unusual, but it means they won't have a lot of picks to choose from, which will make it difficult for them to find upgrades unless one falls into their laps."

Keep in mind that the Mavericks have been looking at Hardaway Jr. in trade negotiations. Given Hardaway Jr.'s contract, it's difficult to add value to his already high contract.

The Mavericks tried to use Hardaway Jr.’s contract in trade negotiations with the Indiana Pacers in order to land Caris leVert, but it didn't work out in their '11th hour' pursuit.

The Mavericks are unable to include Jalen Brunson and Dorian Finney Smith in trade discussions. Dallas's protection of the 2023 first-round pick due to the New York Knicks will not be transferred until then.

It is worth keeping an eye on the ongoing Goran Dragic story. Despite recent attempts, the Toronto Raptors have not yet moved him in a trade. A buyout would be a good option if they fail to move him in a trade.

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