NHL Playoffs Daily 2021: Montreal Canadiens on brink of four-game sweep of Winnipeg Jets

The 2021 Stanley Cup playoffs have seen two string sweeps already, and a third may be on the road, since the underdog Montreal Canadiens can remove the Winnipeg Jets in Game 4.

NHL Playoffs Daily 2021: Montreal Canadiens on brink of four-game sweep of Winnipeg Jets

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The Islanders knotted the series in Game 4, which makes this grinding conflict -- with increasing animosity! -- a best-of-three affair. The Islanders are expected to bring back their lineup arrangement in their triumph. Boston coach Bruce Cassidy may make a few changes to his lineup. But as for the rest of his lineup, he is just hoping for better results out of his stars.

"I think some gamers will absolutely be better just because they are great players and had an off night. I think that will happen just because of who they are, less about the conditions," he explained. Like, for example, using David Pastrnak bury the following time:

Can the Jets go out of a first-round sweep to getting swept in the second round? They certainly will if they perform as they did in Game 3, and when they can not track down a modicum of confidence in their game. "Right now, they're an extremely confident team in what they're doing, and they're getting results out of that," said Jets captain Blake Wheeler. "We are on the other side of the pendulum at this time. We do not have a ton of confidence and we're kind of scratching and clawing to locate it. But Game 4 can flip everything on its head." The Canadiens have not swept a series since carrying the Tampa Bay Lightning from the first round in 2014.

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