Ohio State football: The offense pulls away against Minnesota

The first half of this game was ugly. This game looked as though there was a major upset in the making. The Ohio State football team had difficulty moving the ball in the first half. They were actually losing 14-10 at halftime. It looked like they were afraid to throw the ball.

Ohio State football: The offense pulls away against Minnesota

Everything changed in half two. C.J. Stroud was able turn the tide and was able throw four touchdowns in halftime. He finished 5/8 for 236 yards with four touchdowns. Although the stat line may be misleading, it is still impressive. This was enough to win the 45-31 match.

After the catch, the Buckeyes gained a lot of yards. Chris Olave had many of them. He ended the game with four catches for 117 yards, and two touchdowns. Both touchdowns had yards in them after the catch. Olave scored both touchdowns. However, Stroud had a great throw on Olave’s first touchdown.

TreyVeon Henderson had an amazing start to his Ohio State football career. A swing pass gave him a 70-yard touchdown catch. He was unstoppable in his speed. Although he only carried the ball for 15 yards twice, he looked great in both of them.

Garrett Wilson caught 5 passes for 80 yards and scored a touchdown. Although he looked great, he did make a few mistakes. Stroud's running game was what made him so successful. Miyan Williams ran a touchdown of 71 yards in the first period. He had 9 carries, 125 yards, and the long score.

The Buckeyes had 26 carries and gained 201 yards. They also scored a touchdown. Next week's running game could be even better and should be the focus of the offense throughout the remainder of the season. This is how the offense should be run.

Actually, the defense wasn't nearly as bad as it seemed. The secondary played well. Denzel Burke and Ryan Watts looked great at the corner. It was difficult for the defense to find a rhythm because the defense changed personnel each series.

Haskell Garrett had a 32-yard fumble recovery for a touchdown after Zach Harrison's strip-sack. This was the most important play defensively, and a huge play overall. Before Oregon visits next week, the defense must improve.

Date Of Update: 03 September 2021, 10:30

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