Padres Alternative Weathers, workload in Your Mind

The Padres optioned left-hander Ryan Weathers into Triple-A El Paso before Wednesday's game against the Rockies, a sudden move geared toward tracking the 21-year-old newcomer's workload. Right-hander James Norwood has been remembered to shoot Weathers' spot on the roster.

Padres Alternative Weathers, workload in Your Mind

The club is maintaining a long-term outlook with Weathers. Together with Dinelson Lamet fully constructed up to a beginner's workload along with the group's decision to scrap its six-man spinning, there wasn't any more a rotation area for Weathers, that had been recently transferred into the bullpen.

However, Weathers has been outstanding in his new function also. Entering play Wednesday, he was the only pitcher in the Majors with a sub-3.00 ERA in at least six looks as both a starter and a reliever. In 14 total excursions, Weathers possesses a 2.47 ERA.

The Padres' shortage of span and left-handers within their bullpen is presently glaring, but didn't affect Wednesday's decision, that was proposed. The Padres picture Weathers playing an important part in their pitching staff come September and October. They'd love to keep him clean for this. He'd missed some time earlier this year with symptoms of lifeless arm and arm fatigue.

Back in June 2019, the Padres did something like then-rookie right-hander Chris Paddack, optioning him 10 days to assist restrict his innings. Weathers, who's thrown 47 1/3 innings this year, has not really shouldered the workload that Paddack had in'19. Then again, the Padres were content with closing Paddack down in mid-September. The exact same will not be accurate about Weathers, that must spend 10 or more days at the Minor Leagues until he could be remembered.

In terms of Norwood, he came at an April trade with the Cubs that sent fellow righty potential Dauris Valdez into Chicago. In 23 career big league looks, Norwood possesses a 4.50 ERA. He had posted a 4.24 ERA in El Paso.

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