Paulo Dybala's revival will depend on Massimiliano Allegri’s Juventus return

The return of Massimiliano Allgri was first, and now the special season 2021 for Juventus fans is shaping up to be an unforgettable one.

Paulo Dybala's revival will depend on Massimiliano Allegri’s Juventus return

Paulo Dybala was rumored to be the new kingpin in the Bianconeri forward lines, knighted at Barcelona as the heir to Lionel Messi’s throne, and then fell from grace so much that his current club tried to force him to leave.

In 2018, Dybala was completely remade by Cristiano Ronaldo. It quickly became clear that Dybala wasn't the main man anymore and that one of the two may need to leave in order to maintain the club's financial stability.

Contract talks with Dybala were stalled due to this EUR31m-a year addition, which caused friction between the club and Dybala. Many fans thought they would see La Joya wearing a Juve shirt for the last time after May's Champions League victory over Bologna. However, the latest updates indicate that he is finally being recognized for his loyalty as well as his insane talent.

La Gazzetta reported Saturday's news that I Bianconeri were ready to honor Dybala with the bumper deal he desires (and deserves). This is the most clear indication yet that Dybala will be the star of their forward-line - with or with Ronaldo.

Anyone who saw Dybala's last season may have questions about the motives behind the deal. This is especially when the club could still receive a decent transfer payment for his services as his contract enters its final twelve months.

In 2020/21, the 27-year old managed just four goals and three assists. This is far from Allegri's 22 goals and five assists in Allegri’s last season at the club in 2017/18. Juve's transformation has been fueled by those three-year-old figures - and, more importantly, the return to the man who helped him achieve such incredible heights.

Allegri was able to maximize Dybala's unlimited potential while he was in Turin. He transformed Dybala from a precocious, skilful trickster into a ruthless, clinical goal machine. In his three years as title-winning coach, Dybala scored 52 league goals - almost unrecognisable numbers compared to the 20 he managed in the previous three campaigns.

It is safe to say that La Joya's career has stagnated without Allegri. The switch from La Joya to Ronaldo was a huge blow to his confidence. However, the winds are shifting in Turin.

The superstar Portugese has entered the last year of his contract. However, it is financially impossible for the Bianconeri not to offer him another lucrative deal. The experiment has failed, the ship has already sailed.

There is renewed hope when we place renewed faith in Dybala. Juve is at crossroads. Allegri has been rehired and they have already made the decision to embark on this journey in old, comfortable slippers.

It is time to go back three years in time and acknowledge that Dybala's team helped them find the right track. They wasted his past, but he was their future.

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