Pippen scores 32 in Vanderbilt's win over Dayton 70-68 at OT

Scotty Pippen Jr. scored 32 point, and Liam Robbins made several plays in the final stretch -- including a blocked shot at 0.4 seconds remaining -- to help Vanderbilt defeat No. In overtime Sunday's second round of NIT, the 1 seed Dayton defeated by 70-68.

Pippen scores 32 in Vanderbilt's win over Dayton 70-68 at OT

The fourth-seeded, No. In the quarterfinals, Xavier is the 2nd seed.

Pippen made just 9 of 24 shots from the field, but made 11 of 13 free throws. He also had seven assists and three steals. Robbins missed practice due to an ankle injury and had four points, five boards, and two blocks for Vanderbilt (19-16).

Kobe Elvis led Dayton (24-51) with 20 points, five rebounds and five assists. DaRon Holmes II had 17 points, eight rebounds, two blocks, and Toumani Camara had 11.

Robbins was out of the game at 13:58 in regulation. He checked in with 1:49 left to play in overtime. Robbins had two offensive rebounds, the second leading to a putback that gave Commodores a lead of 70-68 with 39 seconds remaining. Before Elvis bottlecapped a possible winning shot in the final seconds.


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